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Author Topic: sexy 4u 1993  (Read 474 times)

Hi guys just wanted a bit of feedback on this girl:



If any of you had the pleasure to meet her. I am thinking of booking her this week but i couldn't find any review on the site.


Online Marmalade

Hilarious fucking feedback!  :lol:

Interestingly, nearly all her good feedbacks are one-offs, which might mean nowt but certainly is less than reassuring.


Arte you really serious!!! she does BB and also on profile saying she does BB.

FB also 5 x from guys with 0 fb?


Offline NightKid

Since she's offering bareback, I reckon most will not have information on her.

Even if you disregard BB, the signs are clear: dodgy FB & Romanian.
Probably the only honest thing on her profile, is the FB from harry121.
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haha yes that feedback about the stench is hilarious  :wacko:

thanks for the reply guys i'll look elsewhere for fun this week  :drinks:

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