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Author Topic: Anyone remember Anastasia's Massage in Ilford? / Parlour in Barking  (Read 3510 times)

Offline essexmat

...well, Newbury Park - used to go there a few years back until it closed down and regularly see a girl called Eva. Been doing some research and they are now known as Natalia's http://www.nataliasmassage.co.uk/eve.htm When I called them to see if Eva still worked there the person said not any more which is a shame as she was a good punt.

Also, cannot remember the name but there was a parlour in Barking by the market that used to have a blonde sort called Lisa working there but after a few years cannot see anything as to if they have relocated mainly because of lack of name I guess.

Anyone frequent any of these tow places?

Online ta77

I remember the parlour in barking, visit it myself a good few times i think the barking one was called Aphrodites Massage
The girls  i remember are
Lisa (stunning blonde, gave me one of the best sessions i've had)
Kate (eastern european blonde)

Offline essexmat

YES YES YES! At last someone has remembered the name and yes Lisa was superb. Called a few weeks after my last punt there a few years back and they just disappeared. Would love to see Lisa again!

Online ta77

 :) i still have the images of her saved on my pc,  :)

pm me if you want them
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Offline essexmat

Yes please pm me if you can thanks

I used to love aphroditas, didn't they have one in stratford too? Yes, I saw LIsa about 10 times and wish it could have been more. I remember one night when they used to open really late and the girls didn't seem too interested so I got an hour with the maid instead! What a treat. Not the shrewd old woman who used to try and get more money out of you!

Actually I saw Lisa in Vivas in leytonstone once, she made me late for work! There was an amazing blonde girl there called Adrianna, anyone remember her?

Offline RJCP

I remember Anastasia's - I think they also had a place in Newbury Park

The best girl I saw was called Carmelita - dark hair with big boobs - Anyone remember or have info on her now ?

Yes, there were loads of great girls at newbury park, I remember seeing Habiba there when she was just starting, and Jessica.

Offline virgil

Anastasia's in Ilford (Newbury Park certainly part of Ilford) was an early all-EE place in my experience.

I was born in the town and stopped off there on the way to spending the family Christmas deeper into Essex (Ilford used to be in Essex) and there was an extra spark seeing girls round the corner from where I grew up.

I mainly recall an ice-cool but interested blonde lady.

I didn't don't know about any related places but they would not have the bonus of their location to me.

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