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Author Topic: surely this is fake?  (Read 1331 times)

Offline newbod

This cant be real can it?!....


as the girl above is a very famous model.  Have they just nicked pics and created a dodgy site?!

at least both names begin with a V, must be real  :hi:

Offline randyandy

Her breasts look fabulous! A bit expensive though :thumbsdown:

Offline randyandy

If anyone goed and sees "Victoria" let us know.  Even if she's not the real deal if she's got the same boobs I'm in! :rolleyes:

Offline fluffer

and let us know if any of these agency girls allows filming!


Every girl on that site looks too good to be true."A fool and his money are easily parted" springs to mind.

Offline mrhappypants

Singlesword, after the rejection I have dealt with from women, the idea of turning down a £300 an hour model cos she isn't pretty enough quite appeals actually;  "Sorry love, your not my type" :lol:


That said, if it IS Victoria and if she looks anything like that, I might have a religous experience. :wackogirl:

What this thread needs is a field report!
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Every girl on that site looks too good to be true

That would be because they are all fakes. Every single one of them. Some well-known porno models in there too.

Clue: glossy, expensive looking photos but with no continuity to any of them.

At least most of the less-disreputable London agencies seem to send most of their girls to the same photographer.

There's a similar agency called 'elegantinternational' which is a load of bollocks as well! :thumbsdown:

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