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Author Topic: Oldest lady?  (Read 8220 times)

I thought she looked okay :(

The boobs on her are very... unique...

Jesus!!! I bet she gets chronic back ache.

I prefer them slim like this part timer


Mmm; she looks nice! :P  I've got cousins who live in Brizzle; they could be getting a visit soon.

The oldest I have seen claimed to be 39 but even in a very dark room looked 10 years older  :scare:

I would happily see someone with a tidy appearance up to late 30's (real age) but that would need to say 30 on her profile.

Normally choosing em in their 20's  :cool:

Offline Steviethestud

Has anyone ever serviced this senior citizen?

Champagne Lady: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=50088

She doesn't look bad too bad at all.

Yeh I don´t mind admitting I have.

She was magnificent, she is a very intelligent and articulate lady but when it comes to sex she is, in her own words, "a totally filthy slut who love being a whore for her guys". She is something else, excellent oral skills and just love being fucked as often as you can manage.

And to all who say she is an old  woman, try her once and you´ll see why she is so popular and has so many fans.
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Offline billyjo

58 year old Hungarian lady is the oldest I've seen, she was very nice too.

Offline Matium

I thought she looked okay :(

The boobs on her are very... unique...

Why do women insist on mutilating themselves through plastic surgery?

She probably thinks her boobs are fine.

Offline Toshiba

Nothing more than my age? Whats the point

Why have middle age when i can have a 20year old

The oldest I see is my age, 57, just not enough quality matures floating about the saunas in Edinburgh. Her daughter is forty, and grand-daughter is 20, both good looking, I have bad thoughts about them all.

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