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Author Topic: how do i get out of this  (Read 3293 times)

3 review(s) for virgo40s (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I saw this girl at the start of the month

https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=912214 ,

I am in two minds about leaving a review as life sounds difficult enough for her as it is and i feel sorry for her a bit. Having said that she has got plenty of good feedback and doesn’t seem short of trade. Started of well I was horny she was available and the comms were very good. It went downhill from there on. Got to the house after she juggled the times 3 times her reasons didn’t make sense but I didn’t let that bother me. She opened the door and met me with a friendly smile I sort of smiled back as it hit me why she had no face pics on her AW page. I went upstairs past a disabled chair lift thinking WTF. Her room was a mess clothes all over the place you couldn’t walk any where without treading in something. I couldn’t believe it, she made no attempt to excuse her living in a shit hole. I was now thinking about an excuse to leave, all I could think of was that I left my sat nav in the car window or the place was too much of a mess. I was pretty flush at the time and felt she hadn’t done enough wrong to justify bailing so carried on think I would regret being so soft later on which I did. I emailed her a role play request earlier which I mentally cancelled as soon as I saw her take her kit off. I then asked her to put her clothes back on, her shoulders hung down and forward nothing like what you would expect a healthy forty something to look like this really put me off  and I tried to avert my eyes from the rest of her body so as not to make my situation any worse than it already was. I went for a hand job while she talked about her family and work problems. The sort of conversation you might have with a friendly old dear on a bus or in a long queue. She commented after a half hour monologue that I was very quiet which I was as I had been contemplating whether sitting in a room watching paint dry would have been more enjoyable. I have tried to remove the experience from my memory which thankfully has been easier than I thought it would be. But I am hanging up my pecker for the foreseeable future punting wise.
Maybe some guys like her because they don’t feel in any way out of their league as with some higher class hoes I don’t know and to be fair she didnt decline any services, I may well have been able to do her in the chair lift whilst going up and down the stairs i dont know, the point is she didnt induce any erotic urges so I didnt ask. She does seem a fairly nice person that has had her fair share of troubles and I don’t wish to compound them but I wouldn’t eat crap food in a shit hole just because I feel sorry for the owner. She is running a business so she has to expect to be judged on her service which I feel I have been entirely honest about.
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3 review(s) found for virgo40s linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Lz-129

Sorry to hear about your crap punt, does sound pretty poor and I think I would of walked meself

I found as soon as I've had a poor or crap punt is to get another under your belt ASAP, with a regular if possible as you know you will get a good seeing too

That works for me but in all honestly I've only had one crap punt and only a few poor

Offline Dani

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With the stair lift I was going to say perhaps she had some sort of disability hence the sagging shoulders but that would still not explain the place being a mess.  A prossies bedroom should always be very neat and tidy and clean.  There is no excuse for it not to be.

She also should not have told you any of her problems.  That is probably a ruse so you don't ask for some money back and leave.  A prossies problems are her own and she should never bring them up with a client.  he is paying for a fantasy not reality. Most men can get someone moaning at them at home for free.  Personally I would have said she isn't putting in nay effort at all so can I have some money back and would have left

Online James999

Sounds like you got a full GFE  :cool:

Offline blue

She opened the door and met me with a friendly smile I sort of smiled back as it hit me why she had no face pics on her AW page.

Was her face was busted?

Offline Marmalade

Some of the comments call her a junkie and say the place was a dump or that she stole money. Some may be questionable (what idiot leaves money for the taking in a dodgy dump while he goes to the bathroom??) but confirm the gist of what you say. Could they not have been warning lights??

But I am not in favour of leaving good reviews cos you feel sorry for her. Firstly it doesn't help the punter. Secondly if she is so crap at the job it is encouraging her to stay in a job for which she is totally unsuited. If you want to give money to charity, try ScotPep.

There can be a certain excitement in shagging an utter slag, but you have to be prepared. And she is charging escort rates, not utter-slag-rates". But this is the place to leave honest reviews. Saying something bad about her on AW is risky and only if you are prepared to do it. She will respond with a vicious lie in all likelihood. If you already have lots of positive feedback yourself, your word may be believed over hers. Help other punters - but not if it means unfairly risking your own credibility.
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