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Author Topic: Sex during pregnancy?  (Read 3332 times)

My wife's pregnant and I'm toying with the idea of visiting a WG, we still have sex but not regularly as she's understandably finding things tougher (esp with a toddler too).
The only reservation would be if I caught anything, so wouldn't go OWO.
Like Daf I am in a good relationship but for purely selfish reasons I wanna see a WG, mainly as I have a couple of fantasies I don't think the wife would be into, and seeing as one of the fantasies is seeing a WG that kinda leaves me no choice.

Offline Devil Man

Ha ha ok... Hmmm what happened to freedom of speech and expressing views how you want? Ha ha  :rolleyes: :P

Use rofl and lmao instead (or roflmfao if something really tickles you pink)

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