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I took my first trip to Thailand late 2016. I know should have posted a lot earlier, it's taken ages writing this post as I've been adding and removing various sections. I wanted my report just to focus on the punting but I also have shared some personal experiences which I hope may help save someone from following the exact same pitfalls, myself and thousands of other blokes going to Thailand for the first time. I wished I had read the book 'Private Dancer' by Stephen Leather before I traveled.  Whilst out in Thailand I did a lot of touristy stuff so I have left those details out. It might read like I was in Thailand for only 7 days but I was there for 3 weeks. Also, there is a word limit on here so had to keep taking bits out.

I also went back in June for two weeks but more on that in my sequel, 'The Return Trip To Thailand, He Should Have Known Better' - Written By a Plonker

I know there are people on this forum who have been Thailand many more times than me and have a wealth of experience and knowledge, I'm writing this as someone who has been a couple of times just to share my experiences and hopefully hear from those who have been a few times can pass on their knowledge.

Day 1 arrived at Patong, Phuket, mid afternoon I ventured about exploring and I couldn't quite believe my eyes! Walking down Thanon Ratuthit Songroipi road towards Walking St the number of shops both sides of the road with the massage girls shouting at you to go in or grabbing you and touching you up in broad daylight! There were some mingers but also some pretty fit ones! I know the Thai word for sex was 'boom boom' or 'bum bum' and I was whispering to them asking how much.

In the massage parlors the minimum price is approx 200 – 300thb for a basic massage, anything else jumps to 1000thb, maybe my negotiating skills weren't up to scratch at the beginning but I knew I had a big night ahead of me so I continued my venture taking everything in.

Walking back I headed through Soi Kep Sab, a little place which I refer to as my Golden Triangle. I decided to stop for a beer in one of the bars and was approached by many Thai girls, some nice and some weren't so nice wanting to take me away for ST or begging me to back that evening with my friend. This place

As you continue down Soi Kep Sab a bit of triangle opens up with massage parlors down one side and a lady boy massage down the other and there's a bar in the middle, this is just a non-girly bar, no freelancers where you can sit and enjoy a drink without.  As I was walking down the alley where the girls where I couldn't believe how they all rush over to you, there was girl who I liked straight away, she grabbed my cock through my shorts and called me Mr Floopy, I wasn't quite in the mood there and then and I don't think I had enough cash so I promised her I'd be back later that night. The actual place I found on a YouTube clip a couple of weeks ago or,98.2948765,3a,75y,99.01h,77.52t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s0KWSzI2of7bOFqdNtIZIpA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

In the evening, Patong is a different place, we walked the same route I did earlier but now stood on the corners of the main road near the 'Sleep With Me Hotel' were freelancers who claimed they massage. Some of these girls were stunning, they were dressed for a night out rather than a massage but to entice you in they would shout massssssage at you. More on these later. Approx location,98.2974782,3a,75y,17.94h,85.52t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1skRpl4KywMhONKi-vczwAJg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Walking St was an eye opener, proper fit Thai girls spinning around on really high poles, I've been to a few strip clubs in my time and the poles were definitely not that high! There were a quite a few hot Russian chicks as well but I thought I'd rather not get involved.

I persuaded my mate to go into Suzy Wongs Go Go bar, he claims he didn't know what one was and if he knew he wouldn't have gone it, soon after I ordered our  Chiang beers two stunning Thai girls sat down with us, I kind of knew what to expect with the inflated lady drinks, I knew we would stay one drink only so I bought the girls vodka or whiskey and coke, I remember my mate's face seeing all the hot chicks dancing around on stage and he was enjoying the sight of 'his girl' stroking his arms and legs and then he saw the bar bill looool, the way he jumped up it was like a deadly snake was about to bite him! I told the girls jokingly that he had no money and I would be paying for drinks, I told them jokingly that I was taking my friend back to the hotel after our one drink and I would be back, I remember asking the girl who sat on my lap for her Line id and I was asking her how much for ST and bar fines, the girl who was sat on my mate's lap then walked off knowing she wouldn't get anything from him and thanked me for the drink. I could see him getting sulky and not wanting to fall out on the first day we drank up and left. From a 1000thb note, I don't remember much change left.

Walking back towards Soi Kep Sab I got the horn, I told my mate, if you see someone you like just get in there and get back to the hotel, don't wait around dithering. As we got nearer the parlors I was looking out for the girl who called me Mr. Floopy earlier.

Girl 1
We agreed to 300thb up front for a massage, this was the first time I had been in a massage parlour before, I remember the girl telling me we would go upstairs to the private rooms, here I was expecting a private room but all it is basically is a large upstairs room which is split into tiny booths with a curtain separating the different booths,  you just get a bed which I thought was a smaller than a single bed and width of the booth was tiny. Imagine if you stretched your arm out you could easily touch the person in the next bed. No room to swing a cat.

As the massage started I was only in the mood for a bj and nothing else, the girl told me 1000thb for bj which included sex, I offered 500 for bj which would have meant 800 for a shit massage and bj but the girl was insisting on 1000, I would have paid 1000thb if she was stunning or if I was in the mood so she just wanked me off, my mate banged a milf in one of the booths next to us.

My last night in Patong for a couple of weeks and I was eager to get my first shag in, now that I got slightly acclimatized. My plan was to buy some viagra, find my girl, have sex, eat and then sleep. There are loads of pharmacists around, they try to sell you Viagra which is around 1500bht and the ones who I spoke to weren't prepared to budge on price. In the end, I bought a couple of packs of Sidegra, after some bartering, I think I paid around 300 – 350. There are street vendors that also sell them.

Lady Boy

This is where I had my first not so pleasant encounter with some Lady Boys, as mentioned earlier about Soi Kep Sab, this time I walked up from the main road on the corner there is a restaurant as shown here,98.2953948,3a,75y,295.63h,79.05t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sdPLx02CLkPipU1NXD51Nlg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656. A lady boy approached me from the parlour on the right and gave the usual “message, boom boom take me to your room”, with everyone who I meet, I politely decline, smile and move on. However, this one would not let go and I mean not let go. As I tried to walk past her the Lady Boy grabbed my arm and got it into a sort of lock like some muay fighter, I tried to wriggle out not trying too hard as I thought it was a bit of a joke, then I was being attempted to be dragged pulled into the massage parlour I kept saying no thanks to get my arm and I was pulling back myself back, I'm a bit of a lump, fat rather than muscle but the lady boy couldn't drag me any further as I got myself to a stance which meant she would have pulled all my weight to get me to move. With a raised voice I kept saying of my arm, I remember thinking to myself that there was the restaurant full of people and the lady boy wouldn't be that stupid to try something. A bit of panic did set it to be honest but I tried to remain calm and I knew I still had my other arm just in case I needed to fight my way out, so now I started raising my voice and using my other arm to push the lady boy off but my arm was still in a lock, now a few more lady boys came out the massage shop and fearing the worse of a mugging or something worse I thought I'll need to kick out, after a few more second of struggling the lady boy let go. Walking up  Soi Kep Sab I think my right arm was dead, and my shoulder was killing me with pain. I kept looking back and that skank of a lady boy was just stood there arms crossed staring right back. To compose myself and get my head straight I went for a drink at the bar in the middle of  Soi Kep Sab, I contemplated revenge, going back and kicking off or putting a window through, I also thought about finding the tourist police and I know the police are corrupt and what could I say? A lady boy held my arm too tight.

Girl 2

Anyway back to the task at hand, my first shag in Thailand, whilst sat at the bar I spotted the girl who I wanted, she was about 5ft – 5ft 2 really slim, cracking arse, dyed blonde hair and cute face. I watched her as she tried to pull in customers. She caught me looking at her few times and she would wink back or wave over. I made my mind up and thought right go for it. I approach her, paid 300thb for the initial massage, she said she would do boom boom also. Up and I go into the parlour, same sort of setup as the previous parlor with separate booths split by a curtain. At first, I ask to massage my arm, although the pain wasn't as bad now. Her English was OK, we spoke the usual, first time in Thailand, where you stay how long here for etc. My now I was really getting turned on, the massage was ok, just rubbing warm oil over my body and delicate touches rather than anything firm. She claimed to have seen me walking around and I began to explain my earlier incident with the lady boy. Then she started to impersonate a lady boy my talking in a deep voice, at first I thought oh shit and I quickly sat up, she said she was joking and even pulled down her pants but even though she was joking and I could tell that now she had killed the mood. My hard cock was trying to shrivel up, so she tried to upsell and I politely declined. She tried to wank me off but I wasn't in the mood, when we finished off she got me a little tiny bottle of water, those small ones where you have to puncture it with a straw, we chatted for a bit about the different bars her and friends visit to play pool. I was actually thought she was a sweet girl and she wasn't pushy at all, we must have chatted for around 10mins in the booth. I knew I had some small notes so I paid her 200thb tip, I know that water in a 7-Eleven is 10thb but I just wanted to show my appreciation.

Girl 3
Out the massage parlour I knew where I was heading, the corner which had the freelancers, walking pass the massage parlours and seeing the beauties was getting me going, before I got to the corner I cross the road as I wanted to get a good look who was about, then I spotted who I wanted, another blonde, but this one had enhanced tits, slightly taller and she looked like she was dressed for a night out on the tiles. I approached her and asked how much for massage, straight away she said 2000thb short time. For a massage or freelance girl, I knew this was too much. This girl was hot though and I think we agreed to 1500thb as I said was walking off. We walk off down the side street which opens up to more massage parlours, they looked as if they were shut but we walked in one where all lights were off, there was young lad sat at the till and the girl told me to pay 300thb, I quizzed this and she said you pay for room, Well if I knew this before I wouldn't have bothered or tried to lower the price. I pay the 300 and we go in, this place is definitely shut and we're the only ones here. She gives a fairly rushed shitty massage which she is just squeezing my arms more than anything. On with the condom for a bj and again it's all very rushed, even though it was a shit BJ the girl who pretty hot, she was slim, enhanced boobs and blonde hair. She says it's an extra 500thb for me to lick her pussy and I think 1000thb to shag her ass, I decline these offers and tell her to get on top, she's riding me and then bouncing up and down really grinding in an effort to make me cum quick. The thing is my cock is really hard from taking the Sidegra and I'm not cumming anytime soon. I can tell she is getting pissed off so I ask to take from her behind. Not the most comfortable position but the sight is pretty good, I did contemplate the extra 1000 for anal as her ass hole was so inviting but I had a chuckle to myself it would be my luck I'd pay 1000 and I couldn't get it up her. We finish off with reverse cow girl as I couldn't be arsed seeing her moody face, seeing all her tattoos on her back just added to the occasion and after a few mins, I exploded inside her.

There wasn't any gfe, more clinical and trying to get my cum asap, looks wise she was great even with her pissed off face, just wished she had a bit more personality, the sex wasn't the best but at least I had some good almost faded wank bank memories.

Chiang Mai
After Patong, the next place we visited was Chiang Mai, for three days we did the touristy stuff, no punting action here, the wiki sex guide suggest Loi Kroh Road is the place to visit, unfortunate our hotel was on the opposite side of town from where the Night Bazaar, it was a 30min walk. I ventured out on my own seeing if anything was nearby, a part from a few massage parlors where the girls weren't that great I thought I'd save my money for Bangkok.

We arrived at Sukhumvit 4 Alley at around 6.30am and I couldn't believe there were still prossies hanging around some good and soon bad! Back at the hotel munching through our breakfast in the hotel reception, it was time for the 'Prossie Walk Of Shame'.

After doing the touristy stuff in Bangkok, I got the tuk tuk driver to stop near Annie Massage, I had read good and bad about this place but as it was around the corner from the hotel I thought I venture in, the time was now gone 3 pm, but there weren't any good looking girls in there, the mamasan suggested coming back after 5 pm.

After doing a bit of research on which soapy massage I should attend I decided on the Amsterdam massage, I had read somewhere not to tell the taxi /tuk tuk drivers that you're going to a soapy massage as they earn commission from rivals and also there's a good chance they'll increase your fare. I decided that I'd tell a taxi or tuk tuk that I would be visiting 'Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel'. After a few issues with the taxi driver, taking me to the wrong place which was another soapy and him insisting I wanted boom boom we eventually got to the hotel.

Amsterdam massage is closed down, at first I think I'm on the wrong side of the road looking at the wrong buildings and I'm checking Google maps and other images, it's definitely the building but there's no massive sign up, I walk up to a small group of motor bike taxis and ask the drivers about Amsterdam Massage, they tell me it's been closed for a long time, one of them insist on taking me to another soapy but I decline and in a mood I head back to my hotel after flagging down a taxi, here no such problems.

Girl 4
Annie Massage, I had visited Annie Massage earlier in the day but no one suitable was around, this time there were plenty more girls there but only one who I who I liked, yes a true diamond in the rough, she was very pretty friendly and smiley, natural boobs, hair was browny/blonde. Price paid was 2500thb for 2 hours. From what I remember I was washed down first before entering a large bath. Had a relaxing massage, then some b2b on a blown up mattress with some oil on, then I was rinsed off and what followed was around 40mins of bj & sex on the bed.

The next night I decided to venture into Nana Plaza, the Go Go bar had plenty of stunning women and I would have been happy taking short time with most of them but I had my eye on this one. I kind of knew the routine but while it's your first few times you get a good feeling when you have a young stunning girl with hardly anything cuddling up to you and feeling your leg and rubbing your dick. We were just agreeing on prices for short time and the bar fine when her friend turned up, there was some drama and my girl went off with her friend promising she would back in 5 minutes, I'm sure I gave her around 20mins and had a couple of more drinks admiring the view and trying to fend off the other hotties. Eventually, I got bored and decided to venture of Soi Cowboy.

Soi Cowboy is like a tiny street/side alley filled with bars but not as busy as Nana, I was walking around a few times, there were plenty of hot women around but I was trying to find the perfect one for my first Go Go experience, the only girl who I eventually found was actually a coyote, she was by far the most stunning but when she told me she doesn't do short or long time I was gutted plus 1500thb down.

Girl 5
Same sort of setup as the previous night, the girl I picked was slightly more attractive than previous night but moody plus her English wasn't as good and quite a few times she misunderstood requests. The actual massage only lasted about 10mins as she didn't understand what I had said to her and we were soon having sex. I'm pretty sure it was all over in an hour even though I paid for two plus she wanted a tip!


Girl 6
The first girl I shagged in Pattaya I first spotted her in a bar when I was walking down the alley where the Windmill is. She was very pretty and quite beautiful, I wouldn't say a stunner like a coyote I met the previous night but very much shaggable. Her English wasn't good at all and her mate had to interpret and she explained the rules. Her friend at first said they were sisters but it turned out she was only a friend looking out for her as she was new. The bar had an upstairs short time room.

I could tell she wasn't experienced, she had to be guided and after about 10 mins of shagging, she was knackered. She was putting in the effort don't get me wrong but I don't think she had built up her stamina. The sex felt it was like it was with your very first girl friend when you've broken your duck. At times I felt I was taking advantage, she was doing her best to please me. After it was all finished we have sat in the bar again, I thought at first everyone would be looking at us but no one was bothered. My girl curled up to me and held me tight which was a nice touch.

Girl 7
The next night I was keen to shag another girl, I was wanted to try Soi Honey massage but my mate for some reason said he wasn't keen on soapy so decided to walk on further down the street, at the end road there were two massage parlours, one parlour was offering a two girl special but the girls who were on offer weren't that great, next door they had a blonde beauty so she was my second,  it was pretty much standard shit massage, and then she gets on top and rides you quickly.

When I went downstairs to pick my shoes the girls at the massage parlor were telling me that my mate had only just gone in and they were inviting me in. At first, I thought this might be a joke/scam so decided to get a quiet drink at a nearby bar on the same street.

Girl 8
I popped into a girly bar and spotted a girl who I had fancied, it turns out the girl who was speaking with had an Australian ex-boyfriend and her English was near perfect. I thought she was OK as I was drinking quite fast and when I offered to buy her another drink she would decline, all the bar staff were quite friendly and weren't pushy, they did a deal where on your 6th chaing beer you got it free so I gave it the bar girl who was serving us, I've had another look at Google maps and I think the bar was called Tuy bar. By the time my mate turned up I wasn't in the mood to leave the bar my drinks bills weren't too expensive either so decided to stay.

After a while the girl who I was with told me she liked me and wanted me to go back to her apartment, I thought my was luck was in but I started to think about being scammed or something worse, I remember joking with her saying she wouldn't let me escape and I needed to send her picture of her id card to my mate, she agreed no problem so I thought what could go wrong. When we were about to leave she then asked if I minded paying for a short time room, now I thought something was up as she promised I'd go back to her apartment. Before we left I thought I'd take pictures of me and her with the bar staff to send to my mate just in case anything happens.

We jump on a motor bike taxi to small complex full of small time rooms, the girl says something to the bloke who shown us around and he went to fetch condoms I later realised as he was banging on the hatch outside the room, I got the impression she'd been here before as she knew where spare towels were and told me about the safe.

Getting ready for a night of passion with an attractive young girl who claimed she liked me, I was well up for it. I thought to kick things off we should shower together, unfortunately, the girl didn't want to, she asked me to have a shower whilst she was drying herself in the bedroom when I returned she was fast asleep lying on the bed. At first, I panicked thinking she'd fainted or knocked herself out some how by the way she was laying on the bed, eventually I woke her up and she said she was drunk and wanted to sleep, 5 mins before she was perfectly fine and now the condoms had turned up.

Just before I had a popped another pill so now I was getting hard and very frustrated, a bit of paranoia was building, I couldn't stop thinking this was a scam and what would happen if I dropped a sleep. I thought about escaping out of there but I thought someone could be lurking around outside. Even though there was a safe in the room I didn't quite trust it, sounds daft but since leaving the bar nothing had gone to plan. I only had a few thousand baht and a pre paid credit card so I thought if I was mugged at least all my other money is back in the hotel. I ended up sticking my wallet down my boxer shorts.

When I girl woke up she apologised for sleeping and she was checking I was not mad or angry with her, this was her main concern, as a true gent, I said it was OK. We did have sex in the morning after we both showered individually, compared to my previous night I could tell this girl was experienced, there was just something about the way she moved and interacted, she sucked really well and didn't mind me sticking a finger up her bum once she pulled out some lube from her bag and I had to put a condom on my finger.

After we finished we showered again, separately but she asked for some money to buy some breakfast. I thought if she doesn't come back any real issue. So she did come back and we agreed to meet up that night again.

I honestly did think she liked me and my luck was in as she didn't ask for any money for sleeping with me, maybe I thought she felt bad as she fell a sleep but we had sex in the morning which probably would have lasted longer and she also stayed the full night or long time hours.

After spending the day messaging each other we planned to go out for dinner and a drink but we'd go back to my hotel and I'd pay for another room as I and mate were sharing.

That evening, my last in Pattaya, we went to a proper local Thai buffet restaurant, and I wanted to take her to a bar near the hotel before going back for a quick drink and to avoid the previous night fun & games with her falling asleep. I should have known better but she insisted on going to her bar to meet her friends for a few drinks, reluctantly agreed just to keep her sweet. After about the 4th drink I was getting bored and kept saying last drink, last drink. When the bar came arrived it was higher than the previous night. This bill also included two bar fines, previous night there was no bar fine. Obviously not happy I was complaining to her that she should have said mentioned about the bar fine. She was trying to explain that the previous night I had spent a lot of money on drinks and she wanted to spend the night with me, but this was her job and I had to pay the bar fines.

I ended up paying the bar fine, back to my hotel, new room, same routine as previous night, shower separately, then she would fall asleep, wake up in the morning but the sex this time she wanted to bare back, she claimed she got tested every three months and she was clean but I told her I was wearing a condom, slightly disturbed by this I just didn't enjoy it. I know most prossie probably bare back with boyfriend or husband but I couldn't stop thinking how many she might have bare backed. When she was about to leave she asked for 1000bht which I played dumb on purpose saying I thought you liked me and I didn't pay previous night. She was still claiming she liked me and didn't want me to a customer.  I reminded her that I paid for two bar fines which I didn't know about and had spent a lot of money on drinks. She claimed that money was for the bar and she wouldn't get any of it, I explained I had spent my money on the drinks when I didn't want to and I would have given the money to her instead. I had to go to reception with her to pick up her kid as I turned away she asked money for a motor taxi so I told her to use 1000 I gave her or walk.

I do feel scammed by her, if she asked for money on the first night I would have paid no problem as I worked out, in the end, she was a bar girl/freelancer. Half expecting the bar fine on the first night when my bill arrived I would have paid it. I couldn't work out why she didn't ask for money when she was leaving that first morning. If she did, I would have paid and then I probably would have chosen another girl for my last night in  Pattaya. I was kind of expecting another free shag really that's probably why I pissed off and she probably never really liked me.

Patong again and Girl 2
I wanted to find the girl who was joking with me about being a lady boy. I'd been thinking of her throughout my holiday, out of the girls who I'd met I thought she was the sweetest and the one with the nicest personality.

I approached thinking she would remember me, she didn't but she remembered joking with someone about a lady boy but she didn't think it was me, great. I told her it was my last night and I wanted boom boom, paid the 1000thb and straight to it, as I really liked her I enjoyed the experience so much more. When we had finished she asked if I wanted to join her and her friend that night, I thought there was another scam coming along where she may be of wanted me to buy her drinks and pay for sex but she said she was just playing pool at some of the bars near the hotel.

I meet up with her after 12 am in a nearby bar, with her was her friend who was really good looking and spoke very good English and young Thai bloke who I thought was the boyfriend but was just a friend or hanger on. Again thinking I was gonna get scammed or duped into buying drinks all night for everyone my girl said to me just buy drinks for myself as they were buying drinks for each other. After a few games of pool, the lad left, then the girl soon after then it was just me and my girl, luckily her room was round the corner from where I was staying and she invited back. We ended up having sex, I still had condoms from Pattaya. When I left that morning she didn't ask for payment, I promised her I would pop back before I left as I would buy her this fruit which she liked but it's got a horrible smell called Durian. I returned with the fruit and sneakily gave her 1500bht which was all the money I had left.


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A very good read and of real value to those on a first visit.......One of the best reviews on here

Offline Jerboa

Yes it's definitely your first trip isn't it, you went into Annie expecting a few stunners, the place is like Battersea dogs home! If Amsterdam was closed why didn't you check out the other parlours on New Petchuburi Rd? Or go a little further up Ratchada Rd to soapy central.

As for the bargirl you met in Patts, of course she wanted your money, she is a prossie, yes barfines are paid to the bar, a girl might get a small commission from it, you weren't ripped off, but made the newbie mistake #1 sharing a room with your mate!

Offline Boinky

Yes it's definitely your first trip isn't it

I'm organising my first trip out either late this year or in the new year so I hit high season and good weather.

I have to agree with Jerboa. Pretty much all your mistakes were due to a lack of research on your part. This forum and others such a Pattaya Addicts and Bangkok Addicts would have taught you a great deal before you left and saved you many of these newbie mistakes.

I know it's different once you get on the ground and I know I'll make some myself but I appreciate your review.
« Last Edit: August 09, 2017, 05:58:41 pm by Boinky »

Thank you all for your comments.

Jerboa, the reason for not visiting another soapy as you suggested was due to blind faith and poor planning, I'd just assumed or convinced myself I would only be visiting Amsterdam Massage so didn't have a plan B.

In Pattaya, I think I was just a bit surprised that on the first night I didn't pay a bar fine or the girl. So after the two nights, service wise, I paid for what I got. If on the second night I knew I had to pay then I would have happily paid for the first night and then found another girl.

I'm actually going back to Bangkok again early Jan 2018 for a few days then I'll be traveling to Cambodia and Vietnam returning back to Pattaya for a few days before heading home. Separate rooms will definitely be booked!

Already I am planning which BJ bars to visit in Bangkok, definitely trying Woodbar which used to be Dr. Bjs and will be going to a soapy that isn't closed down for a two girl experience. I just hope the girls will provide a full on show for me.

I'll be loading Thai Friendly shortly before I visit Pattaya again, I want a girl to turn up to my room as soon as I am checked in!
« Last Edit: August 09, 2017, 06:19:27 pm by baseball_99 »

Offline Boinky

will be going to a soapy that isn't closed down for a two girl experience. I just hope the girls will provide a full on show for me.

A soapy (in my admitted limited knowledge) isn't the place for a 3some of that type. Great if you want a 4 hand massage or them to slip and slide all over you, but for a full on lesbian 3 way then I think you'd be disappointed, particualrly if you just "hope" it will happen.

Devils Den. in Pattaya, Eden Club in Bangkok or even just chatting with a Beer Bar girl, a Gogo bar girl or a Freelancer would probably get you a better experience.

Note for anything you're doing in SEA. Negotiate everything beforehand, then you can't be surprised when the Taxi driver takes you for an expensive ride, when the 2 girls you've got back to your hotel don't do anal, BJ is covered only, won't kiss each other etc, etc, etc. Talk to the mamasan or papasan to make sure you get what you want. There's no point in being shy, every other guy that walks into the massage parlour or bar wants pretty much the same thing, they're used to it.

« Last Edit: August 09, 2017, 06:26:45 pm by Boinky »

Thanks for the read-up, BB99. If I remember correctly, you got into Pattaya a week or two after I'd left town.

I can't imagine anyone going to Pattaya for the first time and not getting ripped off, whether it's a ride in cab or a ride in a pussy. Luckily, I only 'lost' a few thousand baht on my first trip but shrugged it off by the time I'd finished me beer.  :drinks:
« Last Edit: August 09, 2017, 06:26:52 pm by Bangers and Gash »

Cheers Boinky for your advice, much appreciated. OK so if I can't get the girls to perform a full on show for me then probably they could both offer a BJ? I had stumbled on to Honey Bee, have you heard of this one?

Bangers and Gash, you messaged me about Honey Massage last year, that's why I ventured up but unfortunately never went in.

Offline ShyGuy.

Really good read - well written! Makes me think about things for my next visit in March...can't come quickly enough :(

Forget private dancer, you should have check out a book called Money number One!
Now that would have given you a real understanding of how Thai bar girls view you!
Quite a funny read, but truthful none the less! Written in multiple languages apart from Thai, and you could have possibly read it within a couple of hours! Next time you're in Pattaya I suggest you get a copy!

Forget private dancer, you should have check out a book called Money number One!
Now that would have given you a real understanding of how Thai bar girls view you!
Quite a funny read, but truthful none the less! Written in multiple languages apart from Thai, and you could have possibly read it within a couple of hours! Next time you're in Pattaya I suggest you get a copy!

Thanks for the recommendation on Money number One, interesting read.