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Author Topic: First Time punt: Considering an EE - please share experiences  (Read 839 times)

Offline jdawes

I have been going through adultwork and a lot of the hot girls within my budget I come across seem to be from EE.

Some of them have good feedback on here and AW, but my main concern is the fact that I read alot of field reviews saying they share their flats with other WGs, can hear their pimps and see other punters going in or leaving. Now I don't have a huge problem with this, but it is slightly unsettling for a first time punter like myself.

Can anyone share their experiences and comment on the legitimacy of my concerns? I appreciate the small details too

P.S. any suggestions around the central london area are also appreciated, I am willing to travel a fair amount for my first time :)

Offline tuanjim

If you spend much time reading this forum you'll see there's a lot of variety among Eastern European WGs. It's not wise to generalize but I would say be wary of those with no feedback and whose profiles are ientical to others.

Offline Alexis P

As a WG from EE I would say be careful when looking at those profiles,you will easily end up with some managed girls on shitty places where 4-6 girls are shating 2 bedroom.
Sometimes the flat share is more a security thing than not being able to afford a flat by our own.I share my flat with only one girl,i feel more secure but I am independent.Most of these girls are not,they move here to do this job and dont speak english they dont know how easy it is to be checked on a regular basis so usually they dont get checked,not even the ones doing BB...
If you find more girls in the same area in the same flat (you can tell by their pictures usually) then just be aware,the girls has a madam/pimp...
Apart from this I always found it discriminative when someone doesnt want to see me only bcs of my nationality...if I have the look you like,provide the services you want and within the price yoh want to spend on some fun then whyn do I worth less than any one else?

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