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Author Topic: Regional info section, is it helping the scammers as much as ourselves?  (Read 393 times)

Offline BeesKnees

I was thinking that anyone can read this forum, literally anyone. It's mainly us punters as that's what it was made for. But we also have WG's as members and they can join in the banter, debates what have you.

So if have WG members and WG lurkers, then we might have scammers lurk too.

Like for instance a new profile pops up of a really nice looking girl, but unfortunately the slacker scammer ticked every single like under the sun. That's a red flag to us so we ask if anyone has any info on her. Someone points out she does bb h/s whatever, and so the scammer realises it and then changes the profile accordingly.

Does anyone think this might be happening or am I just too paranoid?

Online EnglishRebecca121

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anyone can view this forum as a guest if there not banned ...

Offline Daffodil

The percentage of punters who know this forum exists (and thus has access to our tips) is small. Of those who do frequent this site, many still ignore the tips.

As such, I imagine it isn't in a scammer's interest to tailor their fake profile to scam the half dozen from here who are AW savvy. They might as well just carry on striking the HS like and reel in the gullible  :hi:

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