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Author Topic: Do you think she is genuine (Dani White)  (Read 919 times)

Offline Munkee

Could somebody let me know if they have seen this beauty
 https://www.adultwork.com/2011070 or https://www.adultwork.com/Dani%2EWhite

Thanks in advance


Really do not think so - Not for £120ph - if she was the real deal it would be £200-£250ph min

Offline Jedi Apprentice

if she was the real deal it would be £200-£250ph min


If she's put herself out here at that rate, then that is what you pay - It cannot be considered a measure of her authenticity.  I've had great cheap pussy and indifferent expensive pussy

@Munkee  have you called her number?

Offline skittish

I noticed the profile a day or two after it was put up, I seem to remember the verification photo looked authentic although that's now hidden. She has however moved regions otherwise she wouldn't have caught my attention.

Zero feedback for a looker with a 2 month old profile rings alarm bells for me.

Offline Jimmyredcab

Fake profile, the main picture shows a very pretty girl but the profile has been up since 11th May with zero feedback, maybe a PG scam.     :thumbsdown:


Dani White has been an established British porn actress for many years - similar to Emma Butt and you can see Emma's rates per hour on adult work - she is £300 ph

Offline Munkee

@superbad No mate I haven't called yet as I'm not in the area till Monday and I'm just scoping the local scene for when I'm there

She does seem a bit too good to be true, that's why I thought I would ask here first

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