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Author Topic: Naomy Cruse  (Read 1137 times)

Offline Gatts

anyone visited her before?

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/1777386 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naomy+Cruse+

Hopefully seeing her this week

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Offline akauya

Do report back if you do.

Shame no anal... that's a waste if a good arse  :cool:

Offline Tailpipe

Does not seem like its seen much action , may be she could be talk round for a pound or two  :dash:

Offline Ted Bear

Do report back if you do.

Shame no anal... that's a waste if a good arse  :cool:

+1 but i feel sorry for punters who suffer from arachnophobia :lol: ~ weired choice for a tattoo.

If she were bent over in front of you and you focused on the spider not the badger or squashed malteser, you have bigger worries than arachnophobia...no?

Offline Ted Bear

I feel sorry FOR PUNTERS WHO suffer from arachnophobia (I do not) ~ I think you may have lost the joke and now you have stepped on it and killed it :D

Are you Spanish, no?

Lol. Spanish? No, I'm not. I'm tired after a long disappointing day, so I might be missing a secondary joke..lol. Sadly blue balls and tired eyes make for poor skills at spotting subtle things like humour...

Offline skittish

Scorpion on her tit, Tarantula on her arse, she's like a living encyclopedia of invertebrates, wonder where she hides the crabs.

Online pumps

I saw her around a year ago, when she was working in tooting.

Service was bland...she did what she promised owo/cim but it was liking going to teso and buying milk and bread ......boring.

oh and i got the dreaded blood on the condom when i pulled my cock out of her, i wish girls wouldnt work when they're menstrating it f**king nasty.

Offline Gatts

I went to see her yesterday, I will post a review.

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