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Author Topic: Time to be faithful....?  (Read 707 times)

You know, I feel it whenever I read about one of my fraternity of pleasure seekers having a bad experiences during a punt, especially when you know that a lot of thought and consideration (not to mention hard earned cash) has gone into the decision to choose a particular WG etc. When it happens to you personally of course it is that much more of a blow on many levels, except the one you hoped for at the outset.

It's got me wondering if there isn't something to be said for sticking with a couple of WG's that you have clicked with, where you know that the minimum service is going to be great, attitude is on point and VFM is as it should be. Where Value and Fucking comes before Money for the two or more people involved in the act.

All this hunting around, not to mention money spent, to have some bint try to slap a condom on you without taking off your underpants or even unzipping your trousers (I exaggerate to make the point) is just plain wrong!  :(

Time was when scoping out a new WG to probe carried a frisson of excitement that you could feel during the selection process all the way through to arriving at and knocking on that door. It was a part of the reason why we did this. Lately I find myself having anxiety and uncertainty when trying to make a choice (hence my several enquiring posts here  :drinks: ) Now I find that I approach selection and meet-ups with a mindset ready for disappointment, and have learnt to ignore Prickrabbit's shouts to "get stuck in" I can walk and do so if I don't get the right vibe when the door opens, killer body or not.

I know pleasure and pain can be close... but jeeez!  :dash:

Oh for the excitement of yesteryear, when you turned up with sap rising and  everything poised to spring into action, secure in the knowledge that the WG's attitude would be accommodating and the time booked would be given in full with a service that began at "A" ('allo mate", not anal)  and progressed to a climatic "Z" in a timely fashion.
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I do both. I have a regular girl I see who satisfies all of my GFE requirements and I know will always give me good service. Then I also book new girls when I fancy a random fuck, I still get the rise of excitement when I reach the door and I have (by a combination of research and good luck) had mostly good punts.

My policy's been a bit similar.

Now that I'm retired, I can't punt as often these days [I like to have 2hrs. with the MILFs I see] and I enjoy the familiarity that comes with having Regulars.  So what I've done is to have a couple of Regulars, one of whom I see once every three months [say Jan., April, July & October] while I see the other alsoon a quarterly basis in, say, Feb., May, August & November, leaving March, June, Sept. & December to see someone from my"2c" list.

There's always been a bit of "churn" over the years as girls move on, so satisfactory girls from that last group can be promoted to "Regular" status as a vacancy occurs! ;)

Why when you find a great lady or ladies , you stick with them, respect them and treat them well .

Like any paid service industry there are :
The enthusiastic workers 
The professionals
The profiteers
The professional profiteers
and of course The shirkers who get you in ....take your money and push you out ASAP knowing that you'll never be back .

I've learnt to politely walked out before handing over any money on a few girls just because it didn't feel right to me .

Mainly due to mis-representation or attitude.

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