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Author Topic: Gorgeous Mary  (Read 2630 times)

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Offline dld123

Just come back from a very disappointing afternoon with `Mary`. -https://www.adultwork.com/Gorgeous+Mary
 Things started off quite well, communication was fine and instructions to flat were easy (its adjacent to Hendon tube station).
She answered the door and looked pretty much as expected- petite, slim figure and plenty of make up. I have to reiterate what has already been said about her age on another thread though, I would add a minimum of ten years to her stated 23 on profile, possibly more.
Went straight through to bedroom and she asked me quite abruptly, "how long you want?". This was only surprising as it had all been well documented on the texts.
I explained again my requirements, paperwork dealt with and she popped off shortly to another room.
There was a large fan in the room and with the heat and humidity as it was, I turned it on. I lay down on the bed as it oscillated I was grateful for it.
`Mary` returned, albeit on the phone, but I was content at this point.
She then started to undress and to be fair, when she was down to a peach coloured set of bra and panties, I was chuffed I had made a good choice as it complemented her slightly tanned skin and she really does have a wonderfully shaped bum. She was side on to me as she took off the bra and this was when I got a bit of a shock as her breasts were very saggy indeed. There were many stretch marks and lines and it was not in keeping with the rest of her body.
Oh well, I was looking forward to doggy anyway, so real `biggie`.
She started off with OW and I said I preferred OWO. That was a tenner more and I succumbed. This was my undoing!
I had waited some time for this punt and as I am in a long term relationship, it`s all still a bit taboo for me.
 I was quite excited being with a (relatively) young thing so close to home and watching her do OWO whilst I was manouvering that  lovely ass towards me with a view to RO had me reeling. As the `prize` approached, I was aware of just how fast and hard she was using her hands whilst doing OWO, that I moved my hands over hers to slow down. She didn`t really take any notice and I said that I was very excited by all this and if anything, I would come very soon at this rate. And I did!
I was in the process of being more forceful in taking her hands away when the inevitable happened. She jumped up very quickly to grab tissues and wipes and then to my surprise, she started to get dressed. I laughed and pointed out that I had only been here a few mins and that I was expecting a bit more still, out of our encounter.
It was at this point, I was told "that`s the business hun!". On asking what she meant, she said "sometimes, some people take too long and sometimes not and that is the business". I explained that my intention had always been two pops and was glad in a way that the first had been easy and was looking forward to the rest of the time together. She became quite stern and intimated that this was not happening. She muttered something about an hour, but I didn`t catch it. By now she had changed her demeanour and was communicating in short grunts, all the time gesticulating that I should get dressed. I was a tad upset too and the conversation was going nowhere. I did not want to get confrontational, but I felt like John McEnroe("you cannot be serious!) and she was a stern umpire(out!). Eventually I said ok, that I was going but I would make sure that other punters knew of this and she just kept on with the mantra, (it`s business hun!). I was looking forward to an afternoon relaxing and now I am disgruntled. Think of this what you will, but deffo a negative from me.

I'd be fuming at this. That's one expensive 5 minute HJ.

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline zig033

On her profile it says 'pay for quality not quantity' Maybe that's what she meant with 'That's the business hun'   :wacko:

But agreed sounds rubbish and  totally not cool! Sounds very much like that it was her plan to make you cum asap and then pull this stunt on you.

-off my HL she goes, sorry you had a bad one, fingers crossed next will be better

Offline fredpunter

Sounds like a right cow to me

Offline sunny74

Think of this what you will, but deffo a negative from me.

What else can this be but a clear negative! Good luck next time.

Offline loner

This is awful, seems like as it gets hotter, the quality keeps going down, alot of negatives these days!! what a BI****!!!!

Fucking disgusting! Did you pay for 1hr? I hate wgs that pull this stunt, get dressed after the first shot. If a wg does that again, ask to give you/her a massage. Say you won't cum again and then cum in her hair, wg's hate that! "thats business hun" - no, I've paid for 1 hr not a quick hand job. Better luck next time

She is Romanian after all, nothing shocking from this lot

Offline loner

She is Romanian after all, nothing shocking from this lot

Yeah what is it with wgs from Romania. Granted  i met Milla who was romanian and she was friendly but the 99% of romanians i saw in the past are all like this!!

Offline Ted Bear

:dash: paid time to spent with a WG and not even fuck her and told to leave after a HJ ~ WTF

How long did you book for??? ~ most (stupid) WG have 1cum policy on 30min punts and cheat punters out of time and action.

Offline Andre 3000

Sounds dreadful and yet again another Romanian. At this point who in their right mind would risk their time and cash seeing one?

Offline Daffodil

It was at this point, I was told "that`s the business hun!". On asking what she meant, she said "sometimes, some people take too long and sometimes not and that is the business".

Book her again for fifteen minutes, have a few wanks before you go so you're ready for the long-haul, and then fuck her non-stop for two hours.

When she complains tell her, 'that's the business hun!'.


Offline dreyas1234

Thanks for this review, saved my cash once again!
Banning reason: Pimp posing as punter

Offline bestbefore

Makes you wonder how she got such good reviews on AW?

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