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Author Topic: Sexy French Arabic aka rosa  (Read 9249 times)

4 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 1904959) (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


She already says she doesn't necessarily do what she has listed. I spent several days emailing and texting back and forth, as I wanted an hour outcall and to take pics,and include owo. From the get go she expects me to wait until she texts to say when suits her. I couldn't just book a time in advance. She would keep telling me she'll text when suits her. After a lot of prompting she assured me "I'll give you two hours notice" hmm.  Then I reply asking what time of day or night roughly...in the end I get a rough time. We negotiated that I'd pay 30 extra to take pics, shed wear a mask and get copies. I tell her ill book on aw. She agrees. Instead of confirming booking request she eventually writes back that actually she'll make it 100 extra for pics, she'll wear a mask, and her clothes.  She tries to not commit to writing that shell do owo by saying "if you are clean" and re discretion. I sy ill shower just before and eventually she agrees that she'll do owo.  Everything (price, terms, etc) kept changing so I have cancelled.    Avoid at all costs. Biggest time waster and most obvious scammer I have come across. She thinks you'll stay home all day and wait for her to text and say she's coming over, at which pint she will not do owo and will change prices etc.   Avoid

4 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)


Sorry to hear the bad news on the non existant punt - Who does she actually think she is???

Even if she was on my HL she would be off now for ever - sNot a nice WG!!!

To be honest, it is at the point where its easier and faster to go to a pub and pick up a civvy to fool around with. There is so much gameplay and false advertising etc on aw and the like these days. I have attempted multiple punts in the last few days, and several have gone the way of the above. If a working girl had accurate pics, reasonable rates and did as per her list, she would be in a small minority online. So far I know of a couple of such wgs, that's it.


Buch of wasters - will now just stick to my regular 10-15 girls - See my NEGATIVE ON MichaelaRyder - just did the review

So here's an update. I left her bad feedback, and she started texting me. She even c,aimed she was on the way when I cancelled (over 5 hours before the time) I cancelled when she decided she wanted 100 instead of thirty, and was going  to be clothed for pics, after we had agreed a rate for masked nude pics of it all.  Ill update as she keeps texting. She's already said she'll give me bad feedback In retaliation.

Because I left a bad review she is texting and swearing at me. Also gave me my only ever bad AW feedback. Lying little so and so, and unhinged judging by her texts now.  Last one explains she's worth £500 an hour and photographers offer her £200 an hour for pics. Wonder why she's on the game for less then? Serious avoid on this one. She's crazy, a liar, and vengeful.

Offline NightKid

Somehow, I envy you for being able to leave FB even though the punt did not take place.
I've been dying to leave negative feedback on another WG who gave me a bad experience as well but since she did not accept my booking request, I was unable to.

She's a little nutter this French one. I don't care about her leaving bad feedback, ill put reviews of her anywhere online I can. Where else can I put up her negative review?

When I have the energy I will put a review there too.

When I did her AW review I couldn't put negative or positive just feedback she left me red negative. How come? And can I add red negative?


This is what she has put on the AW feed back - Not sure if you can respond to her response?

Only    garypally (5)    23/07/2013 21:54    Seeking Services
Time waster and tries to change terms and rates after saying what they are. Doesn't do as per likes, tries to keep increasing rate after meeting agreed.. Avoid
Response: hun u asked to take pics and videos and I told you this ll be extra and u canceled after I was on my way that's not nice

But what she put on ,y profile feedback was red negative. Mine on her profile feedback was just feedback, not red negative...

Other FB on her AW profile indicates this isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened.


Yes most girls i speak to usually balance the good and bad - I put a few negatives on some girls that messed me about or cancelled last minute etc and they put some red negative remarks on me, however the girls said to me after booking that as i had +70 positives and 2/4 negatives they ignore this as they look ay the overal picture with positives far outweighting the negatives

Is this a recent addition to her profile

Q. Can we do everything on your enjoys list?    A. Just cause it's on my list doesn't mean you get to indulge

Seems to suggest the WHOLE list of likes is at her discretion. I would avoid strictly for that answer.

Offline zootie

welldone Stealth for leaving her a neg
I wouldn't worry about the feedback she left you it's obvious its sour grapes

Did you not check her fb before it's obvious she's a timewaster

Offline zootie

But what she put on ,y profile feedback was red negative. Mine on her profile feedback was just feedback, not red negative...

from what i understand if the booking isn't confirmed by her, she can leave you a red neg but you can only leave fb comments

Offline dami3n

from what i understand if the booking isn't confirmed by her, she can leave you a red neg but you can only leave fb comments

it's possible the OP left feedback before she confirmed, she's
seen this, then confirmed and left a negative to 1 up him

Offline funonly

Rosa is beautiful , the best escort on AW I ve seen her many times you , missed your chance . :P

Rosa is beautiful , the best escort on AW I ve seen her many times you , missed your chance . :P

Welcome mister fun only
so do explain to us how you know her and how well you know her? How about a full report. Thank you. Merci. Shoukroun.

Offline Steve2

Rosa is beautiful , the best escort on AW I ve seen her many times you , missed your chance . :P

Best thing you can do Rosa is **** off.

"Mr" fun only: that was the worst attempt at pretending you're a genuine punter that I've ever seen.

If you're going to try and fool us, Rosa, at least make a bloody effort for f**k's sake. We're not stupid.

Offline ibet

I have many of the same problems trying to organise a meet, she was on watsapp earlier on when she was first on AW and she is certainly 10/10 in the looks department. Smoking hot body to match.... why is that these wgs are usually the worst punts.

Well I am looking to book her soon enough, will report any findings....

Hi everyone!

Sorry for necro-ing this thread, but as a former customer of Rosa's, with mutual feedback on aw, I thought I would weigh-in.

The first time I saw Rosa remains the best sex I've ever had. She was playful, submissive, feisty, intimate, enthusiastic. That was in February.
Here's the feedback I left on aw: Rosa is a fantastic, very special lady. sexy, playful, affectionate, beautiful... She'll leave you feeling invincible.

She is as gorgeous as people say, but she was also a great lay.
I'm not saying that your bad experience didn't happen, but really I think if you're straightforward  and attempt to book in good time, and make some effort to be hospitable (as lame as it sounds I actually ate a chocolate pudding and drank some wine with her at the start of the outcall) she'll be a very good girl.

I've seen her on two other occasions and she's always been sweet. 

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