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Author Topic: Has anyone else done this one????  (Read 994 times)

Offline Urfi

The wonderfull, ever youthfull Porscher! She was 23 when I last had a go (10 years ago). Stands there looking miserable till she gets the cash and then acts like the coldist, wettest fish you have ever shagged. I have done her twice, second time by accident when she was working out of a bungalow in Paget Rd, the maid got me by suprise that time.
Has anyone, ever had a good punt with her? https://www.adultwork.com/porscher

Offline billyjo

Seen her profile a few times but the anal and hardsports in her likes list make her a no go for me.

Offline chevy

Saw a couple of videos of her on the net but she looks much rougher than in the pics on that profile, never been to see her though

I was here a few months back. Without doubt the worst flat i have ever been in (but she's since moved allegedly). Difficult to say about the sex. She has a pretty face and lovely tits and arse and a sweet tasting pussy, but she's a bit mechanical if you know what i mean. I felt no connection at all. I did manage to cum once she started talking dirty though. That flat though. Jesus. I thought i was going to get cancer from it.

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