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Author Topic: JESSY 189  (Read 3379 times)

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Just had an excellent 2 hour session with the great and sexy Jessy 189 - https://www.adultwork.com/1772429 this afternoon from 3-5.00pm  in Barnet - GOod location, bedroom with en suite and large bed - lots of red and orange lights with a large mirror against the wall to see yourself FCK Jessy doggie style. Brill session in my top 5. Most has been said already about Jessy on previous threads.

Arranged from 3 days ago a 2 hour session - nice top floor bedroom with large fan blowing cold air very nice and cool.

She was dressed in tiny knickers with small bra that made her tits seem to pop out with a life of their own. And 6'' heels.

Started with DFK and then DTBJ for a good 10/15 mins side of the bed and then on the bed - lots of licks and slow and fast hand job with her sucking my dick all the time - Mac on and on top then cow girl then doggy. Great watching yourself on large mirror.

Quick shower, rest, massage, quick catch up on chat then round 2 with lots of BJ in different positions. lots of kissing and lots of 69 in different positions. Tits sucked as she played with my dick and fingers slowly entered into her pussy nice and slow as i licked her tits and pussy..

She tried to get me to see if I can go round 3 - BUT not getting any younger!!! finished off with a shower and had a long DFK to say good bye until next month.... Top girl - no clock watching and would recommend 1000% -

The strong fan also did a great job to keep us cool - Nothing more to say... Her NEW Pictures says it all....

20 review(s) found for Jessy189 linked to in above post (19 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Goofy85

There's no way to ask this without coming across too judgemental, so I'll ask anyway.

Is she slim or really curvy? I don't usually trust professional photos. And from her stats she is 5'4 and weighs 10 stone, which seems a lot. It says she is size 10, and that's fine, but just thought I'd ask. That aside, she sounds great.
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Hi cheers for review she sounds great, just wanted to know what is her place like?  Is it just her, where there other girls using the flat at the same time etc?

I saw her not that long ago (though before her current hairstyle, which more "conventional" so to speak) - pics are accurate, curvy would be the better description, she is gorgeous in real life. I think its been said before in another review, but the place has a female minder who lets you in, but she seems to work there alone.


Hi Guys - the 2 questions asked - I first saw her back in Feb 2013 when she was a size 12 but really lovely girl and excellent service with DFK and great DT BJ,  did a review on AW that may have suggested that she was slightly on the large size as I prefer girls 8-10.

However still gave her a really good review and FR. I then had a surprise email a few months ago saying that a couple of other clients mentioned her size and she was looking to slim down to a good size 10 BUT keep all her curves tits and arse.

She has lost quite a few kg's since last Feb and IMO is a good size 10 with great natural soft tits/arse and great clear skin. I have seen her twice after my 1st visit and as you can see from my records and reviews I do not see many girls more than once.

Hope that answered the size question - the other question is the house based in Barnet- She has a room on top floor with ensuite shower that is shared with a girl called Gen - they EACH HAVE their own rooms so no clashes with clients coming in and out. Jessy is completely indi as is Gen.
The 2 rooms are on the top floor so no issues with other households and the house is safe and residential area - Jessy also works in the City 2 days a week in Farringdon EC1 or EC2 i think - check her profile as it changes weekly..

IMO she is great value for money 1 or 2 hours - I have done 2 lots of 2 hours with her as we really seem to get on and she has amazing DTBJ skills that beggers belief. Her eyes are amazing olive green and i specifically ask her to WEAR HER GLASSES as she looks so hot -
Ps,, Really does not wear glasses these are for speciall sex effects, Great to watch her and she always looks up to watch you when she is giving you a BJ - Great eye contact and the glasses are so sexy!!!


No very good English - has been in the UK  3-4 years and works as a care asst at a care home in NW London.

Understands evrything sexual wise and can hold a very good conversation on most day to day topic's - However really will not want to talk about news with a hotty in front of you with those glasses!!!

panel how would you compare jessie with that other girl perfect e? both seem to have similar prices and good service, who's better looking for starters?


Jessy would be a 9/10 and Perfect E would be a 8/10

Offline sunny74

How far is Jessy's flat (in Barnet) from the nearest railway station? Walking distance?


High Barnet Northern Line - is approx 20/25 mins walk - up to the hight stree, left passed the college walk 750 metres until the roundabout, nice pub on the corner, cross over and 5 mins walk from there.  you can have a shower when you get to her room as you would be very sweaty from the walk, The room as ensuite shower so nice. When I did the 2 hours session I had 3 showers in total, 1 before , 1 in the middle of the rounds and another at the end - however shower is too small to get both of you in... have Fun

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