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Author Topic: Golden Sands Bulgaria  (Read 5536 times)

Offline Jimmyredcab

Anyone been to Golden Sands recently, my report is now a bit dated ------

Golden Sands July 2007
I have just returned from a week in Golden Sands, this is NOT a mongering resort it is a resort with prostitutes, there is a big difference.
It is now high season and the girls are charging 150 Lev plus the hotel will hit you for another 30 Lev when you try to take the girl to your room.
So we are looking at about £65 in real money, you may have to add the taxi fare to that.
The girls will promise you an hour but they are a hard bunch of bitches and will try their hardest to cut you down to 30 minutes or less if they can get away with it.
It appears that all the girls work for pimps which means prices are fixed and non-negotiable, whether you take a girl from a strip club or from the street the price is the same.
They are not bad looking but the problem is their attitude, they will simply approach you and say “do you want sex”, sitting at the bar and drinking with them is not on the agenda.
The main area to pick up hookers is “Party Street” outside the Magura Go-Go bar, if you venture into the bar you are looking at 10 Lev entrance fee, 6 Lev for a small beer and the lap dances start at 10 Lev, topless is 20 Lev and a Private dance behind a curtain costs 50 Lev.
This resort is a total rip off from beginning to end, you can’t even take a piss without paying.
Venture into the Casinos and you will have to change your money into dollars, here you will get ripped off once more, they will give you $1-70 to the £1, the correct rate is now over $2 to the pound.
My advice is to avoid this resort at all costs, it will only get worse once they switch to the Euro, stick to established mongering destinations such as Cambodia or Thailand.

Offline Jerboa

Not been to the resort, but was In Sofia two months ago, was offered sex at a pole dancing club ffor 150Lv=€75 I didn't bother as for the same price I could do 1hr In a German fkk.

There are some Bulgarian escort listings online, charging less, mostly In Sofia, but also In other towns, obviously lanuage might be a problem.

Offline Wayang

A few year's back I was in the Crimea staying at hotels.  You will recall the old stories of the large Russian ladies posted on each floor guarding the landing and holding your key.  Times have changed - in a couple of hotels aforementioned lady was acting as pimp for a couple of Ukrainian lovelies (sitting with her) providing room service in the best sense of the words.

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