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Author Topic: Reliable parlour or walk up?  (Read 33124 times)

Offline Essex3

Avoid Libbys Sauna

Re:- Objections to Special Treatment License Applic
ation - Libby’s Sauna 162-164
The Grove, Stratford, E15 1NS
Police wish to object to this application under the
grounds from the London Local
Authorities Act 1991:
(b) There is a likelihood of nuisance being caused
by reason of the conduct,
management or situation of the premises or the char
acter of the relevant locality or the
use to which any premises in the vicinity are put.
(c) The persons concerned or intended to be concern
ed in the conduct or management
of the premises used for special treatment could be
reasonably regarded as not being fit
and proper persons to hold such a licence.
(e) The premises have been or are being improperly
Police have received numerous complaints and intell
igence to suggest that the premise
is being used as a brothel and not a massage/sauna
as is advertised, the venue was
attended on the 19/05/2011 by officers from the Pol
ice Licensing Team, Safer Neighbour
hood team and an officer from the SCD9 on a brothel
Crimint: KFRT00381819
When police attended the property there were three
working females inside the venue
and a female receptionist, all the working females
admitted to providing sexual services
in exchange for money. One of the working females w
as found in one of the massage
rooms with a client who was receiving oral sex.
The client admitted to receiving oral sex and state
d that he was aware that this venue
provided this type of services from friends who reg
ularly visit this premise to receive
sexual services; this clearly indicated to officers
that the venue has been providing these

Offline LL

One of the working females was found in one of the massage
rooms with a client who was receiving oral sex.
"Hello officers, it's not what it looks like."
Can you imagine?!

Offline Oggytoo

Aw bugger.  Looks like I'd better Keep my impulses to myself for a while.  Darn silly laws.

Offline emkay

There's one on Chalk Farm Road called Top Class Sauna. My friend went in there once years ago and said they had a line-up of girls to choose from. I have no idea what it's like now though.

It's rubbish. I went in looked at the three girls, drank the warm coke that cost me a tenner to get in and left.

Offline next

theres a working flat/house just off lordship lane in tottenham,,forgot the name of the road but can find out if anyones interested... 4 differant girls every day mainly romanian,,, thats where i go when i need a quick punt 90 for the hour 50 for 30 mins...
they bring the girls out and you take your pick sort of a lucky dip


Any decent lookers? and what's on offer usually?

Offline next

Any decent lookers? and what's on offer usually?

you would be unlucky not to find something you liked out of the 4 on offer,, you pay for the time so you get as many pops as you can manage,, owo is 20£ extra for the girl

Offline steve111

I started my punting career in brothels so I can see where OP's coming from , walk in , have a pick form the line up (best part of the experience for me , knowing you can have any if the girls in offer) , have a pop and your good to go with no prior planning needed

in that regards gantshill sauna is worth a look , in a decent area and right next to the station which is helpful if needed. Other than that its pretty similar to manor park sauna , £10 entry and you get a selection 4 - 8 decent girls ( all EE ),  rates start at 30 for 15 min quickie and go up from there.

not a bad place if your after that sort of thing

Offline ali123

 In Hornsey Road, north London there used to be a place called 42 Sauna or something like that got raided a few times.  That's where I started my punting career.  Don't know if they still operate as I haven't been in the area for nearly 10 years.  Live in a more upmarket place now and can afford a bit better quality.

There used to be a line up of up to 6 girls from slim to fat, tall to short.

Offline Jumbo mambo


Gants hill sauna is ok ..been there few time ...just on the roundbout ask for dominos pizza it's opposite ....some nice girls there !! Variety 7 to 9 £ 10 onthe door then is girls talk rooms are ....ok but the girls are  :hi: :hi:
Never had bad luck there ...

Hi  gents

First time poster from West London.  I started with parlours ( a house with 2-3 different girls every day) and had a few gems near where I live . It was very easy: ring them on the day and if you liked the description from the maid (sometimes they exaggerated!) you could go for a 'viewing'.
There was a fantastic place not far from south Harrow tube station where the beautiful Ranji worked. There was also a place behind the italian restaurant on Hangar Lane  that was ok. Another decent parlour was on the Eastcode Road. There were a couple in nearby slough too. Oh and a good one specialising in British girls near alperton station in wembley.

My last punt was 5 years ago. Looking to get back in the game but found out these places are all closed :(

I guess it is all going online...

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