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Author Topic: Tuesday 23 July Birmingham  (Read 727 times)

Offline dave_99

Guys I am off to Birmingham for a meeting on the morning of 23 July - so thought that I might make the most of the afternoon while I was 'away'!  I'm from Wales and have never punted in Birmingham/West Midland before.  I'm looking for a recommendation for say a 2 hour meet, preferably with  a girl who offers OWO, Anal - but could live with a very decent girl who is 'restricted' in what she will do.  Would consider mature as well as say a twentysomething, but no munters please!

If you guys could give me a decent recommendation I would be happy to post a field report, assuming I can get the meet set up.  Happy to offer advice in return if anyone is coming 'down here' for a punt.


Offline Steve2

I am sure some of our Welsh members would appreciate your recommendations for that area

wheres your meeting, ? its a big place, takes time to get around , how much time do you have to travel ?

Offline Acer

There are hundreds of WGs within the scope that you have stipulated. Spread out over the City. Look at some of the reviews and then do some research. If you are after a specific shag, or a specific way of shagging then PM me. Will try and help.

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