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Author Topic: Sofia of Diamonds  (Read 1603 times)

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Offline bobdavid


Problems with this appointment started before I even met Sofia.. I found the building relatively easily, using GPS, but then I had a whole string of problems getting to Sofia ... there are 4 doors to the street and it's not immediately obvious which door you need - but I opted for the last door, closest to the building's sign (I won't give away the location by naming this here...). Then I found that the intercom system wasn't working.. I called the apartment and was greeting by crackles and a buzz - but the front door didn't open... it took me 10 minutes to get inside - and the only reason I did was that Royal Mail turned up to deliver to another apartment... once inside, there were no signs at all about which way it was to each apartment number... so I went for the left door and wandered down the corridor... the room numbers were promising, counting up toward the number I needed............... but they stopped short with the corridor ending with a dead end. Back toward the entry corridor I went and I looked through the other (unmarked) doors - one to the lift, one to the stairs. I went up the stairs one floor - and found that the room numbers there were all higher than the room I needed... what the hell? Up and down I went before I noticed that, on the 2nd floor, there was a SECOND stairwell through another door at the end of one of the corridors... I went to that stairwell and went back down to the first floor... where I found another corridor, this time leading to where I needed. Bloody hell, this place isn't designed for non-residents, that's for sure.

Anyway, knocking on the door, I was pleasantly surprised by Sofia's appearance. Great body, beautiful face... but she was just completely quiet... didn't say anything or answer my hello, just walked to the room and stood in the corner, facing the wall. I offered her the money and she immediately undressed... still no talk. I did the same - and then she finally spoke. "Lie down please".

I won't go into precise details - too boring - but let's just say that there was no French kissing and no oral on me .. if I hadn't been more forceful and gone in to give her oral, I think I might've just had a handjob and doggy to finish ... oral on her was good, she was very tight - but she stopped me after 7 or 8 mins of moaning... so on went the condom, some lube and I fucked her doggy style.

Once finished, a couple of wet wipes for me to clean up and on went her underwear and dressing gown.

I don't think I've ever met someone so unresponsive...

Asking her where she's from, she answered "Spain". I doubt this ... she didn't seem Spanish, not that I'm much of an expert, so I'm going to venture a guess at Romanian.

For me, this was one of my worst punts ever.

Offline Tailpipe

Proper Fuck up

Come on Diamonds sort you shit out  :music:

Aaaand another one off the list.  :dash:

Offline Philbiao1

That's really disappointing to hear. I also removed her from my "to see" list.  :(


so glad now I actually would have booked her today if she was in the right area, as it happens booked Natalie from armour and had a really good punt with her today, will review when I get a min

Offline bobdavid

Re: me not being able to find the apartment, by the way, the lady at Diamonds couldn't help me ... all she said was that the day before somebody else had had the same problem - and the girl working there (I'm not sure if it was Sofia) had to go down to the door to open it ...

Offline prebel

Thanks for the heads up,
Was this 'Sunderland Centre'?


Thanks for posting your review which just confirms my opinion that Diamonds girls are a bit of a lottery. Same arty photos and 5 star feedback on their website but the real thing is very different.
The quayside flats were always a bugger to get into too. The door entry system never seemed to work properly.

That's really disappointing to hear. I also removed her from my "to see" list.  :(

Hmmm - I was going to book her this week - Just changed my mind :thumbsdown:

That's a real shame as she's definitely my type.

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