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Author Topic: Mallenna Vauxhall  (Read 5124 times)

Offline fingal91

She used to be a lot cheaper and she is not reliable. Wasted my time in a big way when I tried to book her. Everything agreed and double checked and then I went to near her place in Brixton/Oval and she didn't answer the phone.
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I saw her twice at the end of last year.
curious living arrangement - she lives in a flat with other people who, so she says, are oblivious to her escorting. On the plus side she's a nice girl, chatty and genuine. Good shag, but no owo. On the negatives, she put little effort into appearance - wearing tracky bs and wasn't freshly showered. She's pretty, but not so much that a bit of makeup wouldn't have gone a long way. Though this lack of effort may have been to do with her need for domestic discretion.
Certainly not worth £200 - more like half of that.

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