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Author Topic: anallexi - catford - positive ish  (Read 2921 times)

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Offline zig033

Hi there,

just found this awesome site, exactly what I was looking for. Sometimes (actually very often) good feedback on AW means very little. I've been reading through some reviews so I thought I'd give a little back and share my experiences.

A while ago I went to see anallexi. I love anal, however I am blessed with a bit larger and girthier member. So some girls find it a bit difficult to accommodate me. On lexis profile it said that she can do any size so that was encouraging.

Picked up the phone and gave her a call. Very sexy telephone voice. She lives a bit outside of London. About 20 - 25 mins from blackfriars stn. if I remember correctly. I missed the train I wanted to take so I knew I was going to be 10 min late, texted her and no problem.

Flat is close to station and easy to find. My first impression was a bit mixed however. She definitely looks a bit bigger than on her pics, pretty big belly, some people probably won't mind but I do find this sort of thing a bit of a turn off. Second thing that was a bit wired was that when asking for a shower she said yes, but please don't walk out completely naked as my landlady is in the flat at the moment??? I wouldn't have done that anyway and the thought of her landlady being in the next room did not exactly excite me. Wish she'd have just said don't walk through the flat naked.

Having said that Lexi is super nice though and I did not hear a sound or anything from her landlady while I was there.

Anyway we got the business side out of the way, I took a shower, -everything clean and working -always a plus. I came back and within minutes she was sucking me (she only does covered) only took a short while before I was hard. She smiles at me and asks: do you want to fuck my ass or pussy. I opted for her ass ;) and boy does she like it! After going slow at the beginning I pounded her ass for at least 30 min straight, doggy, her on her back, on a small stool, on the edge of the bed. All was ok for her and she was moaning al the time she sometimes spread her cheeks so I could go even deeper -what a delight.

For round 2 we got her 8 inch black dildo and I fucked her ass a bit with that while she gave me a handjob before I started to fuck her ass again. A short while before I was about to come she said that her ass was getting a bit sore and if we could fuck her pussy. I said that I was about to come and she just goes, -don't worry in that case go on :D

lexi is definitely something if you like anal. Only thing is that her living arrangements are a bit wired as mentioned above. She did mention her landlady knows what she's doing and is ok with it and that she's looking to get her own place soon so this might change.

Another thing, might just be me though, I did not thing she was too pretty. It's definitely her on her pics, and although they are non professional no studio pics the definitely show her from very favourable angels.
Oh and when I mentioned that I am 31 she said - just like me. On her profile it says she's 26 but I guess that does not surprise anyone here.

If you're an anal lover and don't mind bbw I'd say go for it ;)

happy punting


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1 review(s) found for anallexi linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Ted Bear

:hi: thanks for the report - I had notice lexi regarding her A skills BUT had a feeling she was too large for my taste - I think I will pass.

Offline gmoney69

shes not my type at all, but if youve found any hidden gems in the area let me know. The lewisham area isnt great, unless you like big black girls :)

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