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Author Topic: Monnie of Nice Girls - Ace Massage  (Read 11306 times)

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Offline tom269u001


Dick ruled over brain as AW was down. F'ing typical that it's back up now.

Called to arrange a 1 hour incall and was told Monnie was available. Discussed fees and negotiated £100 including FK and owo. In fact, I hardly had to haggle. I think they were having a slow day.

Arrived and ensured the £100 fee was inclusive. Monnie asked for £120. I said that I had arranged £100. She said ok. I asked her if she was sure she was ok with it to which she responded Yes.

Monnie is a lot bigger (not fat though) than her pictures, and not as pretty.

Kissing was half hearted at best. In fact she tried to avoid kissing by thrusting her tits at me to be sucked. Certainly not a GFE.

Round one was coming to an end and to be fair she did seem to get into it a bit more with some proper FK.

Lay there and had a break, and then went for some more kissing to get round two started. Again, she tried to avoid kissing. She asked me if I wanted a massage. I thought we've got plenty of time so why not. It was perfunctory, and used to waste time. I turned over and went for a kiss, ans she went for the bottle of oil to  massage my front. I thought "no way". Again, she avoided being kissed. I asked for owo and she just lay there. I has to ask her four times, and eventually, after she demanded I go to the bathroom to clean my cock, she went down on me. Worst oral ever! Could hardly feel anything. After about one minute she gave up. I went to kiss her again, and she said "service over"! :dash:

I got up immediately as I gave her a few words of advice as I was pretty pissed off. Got dressed and was out of there only 40 minutes into the session.


I will try and think with my brain next time. And now AW is back up again, I will be keeping details of my hot listed girls offline!

Offline tom269u001

She's now on AW:

https://www.adultwork.com/872700 or https://www.adultwork.com/monnie

From the profile/feedback, I think she's just acquired the profile. Last guy's fb stated that he didn't even see her!

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