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Author Topic: Jennifer - Soho  (Read 782 times)

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Offline thunder

I was in Soho and read about Jennifer before so I decided to give it a try.

The flat is next to a pub and there is another pub on the other side of the street. Normally, I don't care much but it was quite embarrassing to get into this walk-up with all the people and nice girls drinking in proximity.

Jennifer looked fine.She asked me what I wanted and that I had to pay before. Normally in Soho in other places you look at a kind of menu with prices for the services. This time she just told me what is on offer and how much. I chose only a blowjob for 20 pounds and  she said she will be back soon. I waited in a small room with the maid who was a very strange woman cursing on the phone with a strange accent.

After 7-8 minutes she was back and she took me the other room. She had already taken her high heels off which I'd like her to have them while she was sucking me.She started a CBJ in such a weird position that it was almost impossible for me to touch her tits or her ass.Even though it was a lousy blowjob I was quite horny and was about to come quickly.Only if she couldn't stop while I was coming...She didn't even keep on sucking while I was coming and for 20 pounds I shouldn't have expected something better.

I had been with a Russian girl in Soho many years ago who was much more attractive and for 25 pounds it was quite a deal and the sex was good. Maybe I should have fucked her instead of a blowjob but don't think I'll ever be back.

I found this girl to be very mechanical too and would not recommend her. There's much better, even in the walk up trade. Maybe she'd be better with more money spent, but that wasn't my impression.

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