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Author Topic: ORGY BABE of Coventry  (Read 6902 times)

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Offline saf1976


When I saw she was back I just had to book again. Saw her Friday, everything in my last report still stands, she's probably a little smaller than I remembered, a size 4-6 as stated on the profile.

Top body, I must have pounded her doggy for a good 20 minutes solid until the sweat was dripping off me and she took it like a goodun.

I think your original report made her too popular as it was the third time I've tried to see her, but it was third time lucky.

I had owo and she was enthusiastic with it. There was kissing with tongues but she doesn't try to take your tonsils out, so it was how I liked it anyway. She teases as well so it didn't feel robotic at all.

Looks wise no complaints from me. When she was on top I was spending 10 secs looking down at me entering her, then 10 secs on her breasts, then 10 secs on her face, then repeat until climax.

Coventry has been poor this year in comparison to previous years, but this girl is worth seeing when she is around.

Offline rnrn636

Does she still use the same appartment block as in 1st post on here (I hate hotels)

Offline saf1976

Does she still use the same appartment block as in 1st post on here (I hate hotels)

Yes she is in a block of flats next opposite the bus station.

Damn! I can NEVER get through, and when Im back at work, shes free!

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