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Author Topic: Submissive Dolly...aka Sasha Bee....  (Read 3291 times)

Offline ciscoxxx69

Hopefully going to see her tomorrow for an hour of Filthy Fun :wacko:
She looks like a Horny, Sexy, Dirty Minx........ummmm.
Anyone had the pleasure ....?

Offline chevy

No but I've heard very mixed reviews about her friend kylie banks who she works with, your right though she certainly seems interesting!!

Hope shes as good as she looks :) 

Offline willbred

Give us the SP after the punt, Cisco. This looks one hot little minx I could be in the mood to discipline!
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (willbred, Diplomat65)

Offline KPAT89

Really thinking about having a punt with Sasha Bee. Anybody been to see her?

Offline ciscoxxx69

Really thinking about having a punt with Sasha Bee. Anybody been to see her?

Yes I saw her in Brum a while back.
This was my AW feedback...

What a Babe! A Dirrrty Babe too.... ;-) Sooo much prettier, fitter and Sexier than in her pics. A booty and legs to die for..great OWO,RO,69,Doggy and CIM 10/10

I ended up seeing her in a Parlour which wasn't what I was expecting, but actually it was okay. She had just been flooded out at her home and had difficulty finding a place at short notice so I was cool with that. She was talking about moving down to London, and I see she is now in Shepherds Bush.

I think I paid £110 for 45mins. (£90 plus £20 for OWO)

I thought she was much more attractive in real life than her pictures.
An ass to die for, and a great body in general, particularly when watching her from behind and surrounded by mirrors as we were...
I would see her again cos she really got into it and had a shuddering orgasm which was impressive and fulfilling to watch......mine wasn't bad either, all over her face and in her mouth, which was nice!

So, Recommended by me - definitely !

(Apologies to Willbred who asked for an FR on here..! Not sure why I never got round to doing one??? Think I as going away and didn't have any free time spare to do one as Wifey was about....)
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