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Author Topic: Jess - Ego Massage Milton Keynes  (Read 5793 times)

45 minutes B2B massage with HE £70.

Won't go into too much detail about the venue as it's well documented. Free parking just outside.

Had originally booked to see Poppy the day before, but when I turned up was told she'd phoned in sick. Maid said I could meet the two available girls, Jess and Melissa. Melissa just stuck her head around the door and said hello so didn't get a chance to see her body, went for Jess instead.

Very good looking girl, bit curvier than the pictures suggest but for the better for me. Big natural tits, big arse, nice pretty face and smile.

Started on my front with a standard massage which was very good, then she started including her tits, then pouring oil down my crack and tickling and massaging my balls. Then she climbed on top for a full B2B massage which was great.

Turned on to my front and I was pretty rock hard by this point which was unusual for me. Bit of a frontal massage which allowed me to feel her arse, then Jess moved to the back of my head, she bent over rubbing those fantastic breasts all over my face and allowed me to lick her nipples. Then she moved round and poured oil all over my cock and started with the HR which was just the right pressure and pace. More touching her arse and tits until I finished. I didn't last long, which again was unusual for me, but I think that's because she was very friendly and made me feel comfortable, along with great technique.

I think you know when you're getting a good B2B if you want to bend the girl over the bed and shag the arse off her! I didn't get that with Jayda but definitely did with Jess. For all of you who've banged her at LMP parties then you're lucky sods!!  :thumbsup:

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no reviews for jess at ego.....then just like london buses... :D
caused a stirring in me that needs Jess's boobs all over me.....will visit this week and review  :hi: