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Author Topic: Need some help pls  (Read 637 times)

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Offline LL

Toxic pussy - you asked about in another thread.  Nobody's responded that they've seen her and you're obviously curious to find out what she's like, so why not take one for the team then report back here and let use know if she's any good!

Offline scooby73

My main problem is she's a bit too far from me but i like the look of her.
If someboady else had seen her, then i'd go but just worried about travelling all that way :(


Why not see both Toxic + Hellen and you can write up 2 x new reviews for us UKP members - you will then become an instant hit and be a looked at differently as these 2 are VERY HOT and good price at £100 ph -  Both of these girls would be my ideal punt and now officially in panel's hot list...await a review asap   Thanks

Scooby You've also asked about helen in two separate threads

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