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Author Topic: Berkshire Bukkake........oh and Candy?  (Read 2165 times)

Offline ciscoxxx69

Guys....or Gals.
A couple of things.....
1) Was thinking of giving next weeks Berkshire Bukkake a go ...Thursday 11th.
Not sure what to expect cos although its pretty horny watching a Bukkake porno, I am not sure how I will feel standing around with a bunch of guys I've never met holding there dicks. Anyone got first hand (pun intended) experience?
2) if you look at their site, there is a girl called Candy who did one .....F*ck I think she is Hot. Anyone know if she has an AW profile? Would love a 1-2-1 with her :-) Any help to track her down would be great fully recieved..... Although I emailed Berks Bukkake they read my mail but haven't yet replied :-(
That is all....

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