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Author Topic: myla loves kissing  (Read 1290 times)

Offline englandfan


anyone seen her? hoping to have a booking with her next week, looks like she has some good feedback

no face pics which always worries me though

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Hi there,

I meet with her about 18 months - two years back. She is a very pretty girl and well worth the visit.

Offline scottbowe

Hey cambs - any other recommends in cambridge?  there seem to be quite a few ee that flit in and out.. im looking for something reliable, as it's tricky to fit punting in... many thanks sb   :hi:

Offline englandfan

might just save my money and try to get Myla when shes available

nearly saw cambridgekatie19 yesterday till AW fucked up my plans

Hope you do get to see her englandfan.

scottbowe - most of my punts have been 'out of town' as I don't mind driving a fair few miles for the right lady.

If driving a distance is fine with you, I would highly recommend  stella34d in Northampton.
https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=651243 Definitely my best visit to date. 


The above two are also worth a visit..or two  ;)

Offline scottbowe

thanks, haverhill is only a bike ride away  :hi:

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