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Author Topic: French - Portsmouth  (Read 2073 times)

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I really must change my modus operandi. Same day bookings are not a briliant idea most of the time. Booked with https://www.adultwork.com/1465675 or https://www.adultwork.com/xx+French+x yesterday afternoon. Clean modern flat in Southsea, tall, very pretty girl with a fabulous body. Had checked on the phone that anal and deep throat were on offer and paid £80 for 45 minutes. Showered and came back to the bedroom to her lying naked on the bed. Absolutely no move made when I joined her and after a few minutes reverse oral (gave her the opportunity to check her nails!) she put on a condom for desultory blow job - certainly no deep throat. Bit of cowgirl and into doggy.Went for the A and, surprise, surprise, the reply was you're much too big (no I'm not). Was pissed off by this stage and finished in doggy and was out the door in 20 minutes. As I can rarely plan ahead will be cutting down my activities for a while.

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Stiltskin

Portsmouth doesn't have a lot going for it since Cherry retired.

Offline bebobdado

Okay, so i was going to give a seperate positive review, but after a really disappointing booking that never happened I have decided to give a balanced overview of my experiences with French.

This girl is stunning, I would say her face is an 8 and her body a 10. She is by far the most attractive woman i have had sex with. I think she is mixed race, black and white, but maybe only a quarter black. She is very light skinned. A very beatuiful woman.

I would describe her personality with me as quiet, aloof, real (doesn't fake it or overact at all, which I like) understated.

I saw her 4 times over about 3 months and booked a fifth, I will get into the details of that later. Every one of the bookings was made same day and she always replied to texts quickly. Until the last one she was very reliable, something i really liked about her.

First time was a 30 minute booking, in a discreet hotel by the waterfront in southsea.

I am quite a quiet person so it is possible she is more chatty with others, I have to admit the first time we met there wasn't much chemistry, she was of course polite and pleasent, but i am quite awkward and i think that kind of rubs off on people. We did kiss, but I sensed she wasn't that into it and i am fine with not kissing unless the girl is enthusiastic, so we stopped quite quick and never kissed again after that.

I fingered her and went down on her, a lot of wg's don't let you finger them so this was a plus for me as i find it a turn on.

After a while of that she gave me covered oral (she says in her likes she does oral without at discretion but she was always quick to get the condom ready. Maybe she just didn't like the look of my cock, I don't mind as i don't like oral without anyway, so i never asked for it.

She has such an amazing toned yet soft body, I'm guessing she pole dances to get such a firm tummy.

After the oral we did some missionary and i finished pretty quick.

In the bookings i had with her it was always quite clear that i was to leave after cumming, this may be different for hour bookings you could ask as she always seems willing to answer a question by text.

The second booking was again 30 minutes and this time in a flat in southsea and where all further bookings would take place.

I don't know if she recognised me from before, in fact neither of us ever acknowledged that we had seen each other before. Some guys may be more friend and expect, even get a more familiar response, but i am a weird one and like how we were friendly, but it was never like a girlfriend.

This time after covered oral on me we did doogy and missionary and it was amazing.

she seemed to enjoy it in a really understated way, it wasn't until 5 minutes in that i took my eyes off her amazing body and looked at her face, she has really cute freckles over her nose, She had her eyes closed I noticed she was sucking and chewing on her lip. She never made any noise to bring attention to this and it wasn't over the top in any way, she seemed to just be enjoying it in her own way.

The next 2 bookings were 15 minute ones, I tend to finish pretty fast and the 30 minute bookings didn't last much longer than 15 minutes anyway, so i text to see if everything was included in 15 minutes and it was. So both times we got down to the sex pretty quick and it was great both times, i love doggy with her and missonary actually, her body fels so great when pressed up against. Sexually this girl is my number 1, if we had any kind of chemistry I would be madly in love with her haha.

Like i said all the booking were made on the day by text a few hours before and every time i arrived on time and she was ready, I felt i could rely on her, which may sound silly but it was another reason i liked to see her. The price for 15 minutes too was great £50 very reasonable to get to fuck a stunningly beautiful girl. Might even be worth trying a 15 minute booking to see if you like her, she is very individual.

Okay so now here comes the bad part and the reason I am no longer going to book to see her.

This week I decided I wanted to punt, I am quite impulsive so like to book on the day and saw she was available on adult work, so i texted her asking for a certain time. she replied within 5 minutes saying it was fine and with the address as she had all the previous times. One arrival, i was 2 minutes early and text to say i was there, to which on the other occasions she would text back the number of the flat (even though i had been there several times, this seemed to be procedure so i stuck to it) i didn't recieve a reply until a minute after our booking was due to start and it asked if i could wait a little bit.

I am a reasonable and easy going person i think and said that was no problem, if maybe she was running 5 minutes late or a client was just leaving.

so 15 minutes later, by which time my booking should have been over i text to say i had to go. which was true as i had a train to catch. She replied a few minutes late saying could i not wait 5-10 minutes more and then she text half an hour after our booking was supposed to beginsaying she was ready now and was i still there. By which time i was almost at the station and my train was due in the next 10 minutes. I told her that i couldn't wait that long and had to leave, i even said sorry.

I didn't want to be a dick about it, but for what ever reason she shouldn't make someone wait like that. If she had overbooked, thats her fault and really bad, if there was another reason she should have explained and i might have felt better about it.

I really thought she was reliable and am so disappointed that she let me down and I really can't be bothered to risk that again with her. Although i can't say i won't book her again, just a few days later i'm already tempted again haha. I am still annoyed though, even just for the fact she expected me to stay even longer, as if i like hanging out in some street looking probably very dodgy.

So I guess that is my quite long take on experiences with French, she really is so hot and her natural smell is great too. I really really like having sex with her, but i don't want to be messed around.

Hope this is helpful to anyone planning to see her.

Offline tommy1970

I saw her on Saturday and it was a really horrible experience. I thought she was a great looking girl but when you walk in and she cannot even be bothered to smile i should have read the signs. I tried to engage her in conversation when i came out of the shower and it was like talking to a wall.

She got on the bed and just lay there looking the other way. When i touched her it was like she was having to steel herself and was sort of shaking. Now I am not Brad Pitt but I am also not John Mccririck so it was a strange reaction for someone in this profession. She eventually touched the old man but it was a per-functionary tug and  then put on a condom for OW. I could just tell she was not even pretending to enjoy it. Jeez it was like I was forcing her.

Oral lasted about a minute and then she said do you want me on top? I decided to abort - I just said this is not going to work. She could not have cared less. Really did not give a s@@t.

Avoid boys - really avoid big time.
Banning reason: White-knight

Offline bebobdado

I caved and went back to French Yesterday (Monday)

I don't know whether she had seen my review or remembered about the booking that went wrong, but she was the most friendly and warm she had ever been with me. Maybe its because i've seen her 5 times so she is more familiar and relaxed, i don't know.

But she smiled as soon as she saw me and was just sweet.

So yeah the whole thing with the booking is forgiven, I mean as long as it doesn't happen again. out of six bookings she has only let me down once and i guess in the punting world that isn't so bad.

Sorry to hear of your experience tommy1970

It would be interesting to hear from other guys who have seen her, has anyone else had a positive experience with her?

I think she might just be quite shy, which isn't the most helpful attribute for an escort.

For me every time i have seen her it has always been positive, I really love having sex with beautiful women, but obviously she is not right for everyone.

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