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Author Topic: 17 Danube street.  (Read 962 times)


This has to be one of the most well known parlours in the punting history,Dora Noyce was a legend for running a house where 15 of the ladies also lived and worked from, and it was one that at times had a few people queueing outside to get in.

I did meet Dora once, it was when I went for my first punt, she opened the door and welcomed me in, it was hard to believe it but there was about 20 ladies to choose from all sitting about and chatting, their was even a plate of sandwiches and biscuits that was fior the use of customers.

Too overcome to say much, I sat down in the chair near the door, and took it all in as someone talked to me about something, there were ladies in two piece, and some in hot pants and bikini tops, and some with designer clothes on, quite a mixture.

Dora was like a mother to them, and her authority stood out even then, and after 5 minutes she asked me, " do any of the prety ladies appeal to you son", I was gobsmacked and pointed to the lady nearest me and said yes, and was taken downstaits to a small dingy room which had a double bed and a wardrobe, I was amazed to watch her take her underwear off and lie down on the bed and with outstretched arm she patted the bed and instructed me to undress.

Some things do stick in the mind, and at times other things tend to get blown out of all proportion, but I can still remember all these years ago about my first visit to a parlour, and maybe one of the most famous ones in the history of the UK...happy memories   :D :D :D

Offline Marmalade

Wow! That's some blast from the past!

I remember when I first moved to Edinburgh and had heard dim rumours about 17 Danube Street. I knew very little of punting but plucked up the courage to go there one day. Sadly it was now become just a house of 'ill-reputation' rather than 'ill-repute' and I realised my mistake and made a fumbled exit.

But a very famous house, as Albert says. I dug out these article for members who find it equally fascinating. A true blue Tory apparently.

And this rather charming one:
"She once said her busiest time was during the Edinburgh Festival but the two weeks of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland ran a close second." http://www.edinburgh-stockbridge.com/history.html

It's still a rather nice area. Beautiful walks along the river. One or two indies work nearby. And the Family Planning Clinic offers free condoms just round the corner from Danube Street.

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