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Author Topic: looking for genuine subs who enjoy spanking  (Read 1569 times)

Offline chiphh

So many ladies have spanking on their likes list but when you get there they will hardly let one spank them :( - I am not talking of beating but I am looking for subs who will take a good hand spanking, paddling and light caning - can anyone recommend a suitalble lady in the south east.

Thanks guys,

Online hendrix

The best girl I know for this is in London if that's not too far out from you.


Try "ITC.com" or "spankeefinder.org". A lot say no sexual services, but also a lot don't mind to wank you off ( aka a happy ending ) after. Although most on the ITC site are doms, ther's a few that will take a spanking/caning or switch if you don't mind a taking a spanking/caning yourself!

Best subbie I ever came across (sorry!) is a girl called SubCarrie. (www.subcarrie.com).

Short, trim, blonde girl, big doo-dahs, amazing roleplay, and took a proper proper spanking.

Amazing girl.

Offline ceedee


I found this young lady to be excellent - she was up north but has moved back to her home territory after Uni otherwise I'd be booking her regularly.   She will completely meet your requirements for receiving spanking (particularly likes boobs being slapped hard) and she is a really lovely girl - not a hard nose prossie but does enjoy this stuff and the money is a bonus - lives at home with her mum, hence outcalls only, and is basically part time but readily available.
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