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Author Topic: How much to offer on a RB?  (Read 1219 times)

Offline Daffodil

Obviously a few things need to be considered (average rate in your area, number of prossies, specialist services required), but has anybody got any views on this?

I don't want to start high in case a girl would have bid lower, but if I start too low then potential bidders might think I'm taking the piss.

Also, are we happy to negotiate? I've seen some punters say they get pissed off if a bid comes in higher than that originally offered. I don't have a problem with that as I usually start lower than I'd be willing to pay. It is however frustrating if they bid more than their usual rate  :dash:

Online Jimmyredcab

How long is a piece of string. ????

The last reverse booking I tried was £150 for two hours at my place, got about a dozen replies, all had face hidden so I wasted yet another £2.
I don't do blind dates.  :bomb:

Online fredpunter

depends on whether incall, outcall, area, how specific you are about their physical characteristics and what services you are looking for, if outcall how nice is the venue? are you offering an evening out of just a sexual encounter? blah blah

and sometimes they bid less than you offer   

Offline potato

The trick with reverse bookings is to see where the "default" settings are set - for those WG's that don't change the defaults when searching. The default hourly rate is set to £75 per hour.  So putting a bid on for 2 hours for £150 should catch everyone looking. A 2 hour rate for less than £150 will only catch girls that change the "default" to a lower hourly rate.  Some girls know to do this, others don't know they can.  You can also use decimal points for the hours required - eg 2.4 hours = £180.  I have done some really tongue in cheek rates to see what the response would be - and have enjoyed some cracking bookings as a result - plus repeat ones at the same rate when they know you are an okay guy.   Some girls, especially outcall only ones, live on RB's as they can plan their week and usually will do the "deal" well below their normal rates.  If the going rate in an area is £150 an hour then don't put that as your RB Rate for gods sake! - the idea is to get a good deal as it should be a reliable booking for the girl, rather than a time waster. How low do you go? -  now there's the question!  Girls that do overnights will change the default rate to much lower as 12 hours at £100 would be alot of cash otherwise - these are the ones you can catch on a short booking for a lower than default rate.

The default date setting is 7 days - so monday to monday etc., To maximise the bids, place the RB 7 days ahead.   

Online fredpunter

Depending on how much time you want to spend researching you can briefly change your profile to service provider rather than service seeker, then you can read other folks rbs and see what those who appear popular are saying.

i'm in the south of england, i tend to bid £80 for an hour outcall. sometimes i get a responce from girls that have £150 p/h on their profiles!
but £80 p/h outtie seems to do the job.

Offline Dani

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Always price it at least £20 an hour less than you want to really pay as some of the more expensive girls will lower their rates to around £20 more than your bid per hour.

I normally bid RBs for £20 or so per hour lower than I charge normally  as I am happy to earn that for an hour now and then. For 2 hours or longer use the -£20 per hour then take off another £10.  So if your bid was put up for £100 and you are willing to pay £120 per hour, for two hours your bid would be 2x£100 - £10 so £190 saving you £50.

It works well this way and it is how I do it when I put RBs up and I get a lot of replies and it is also what I use to bid as well. So say I charged £150 an hour (I don't) I would bid £130 or for two hours I would bid £250 instead of £300

I have found both ways work well but you will always get a few bid that don't read them but just click on it then copy and paste into the reply box without even knowing what you want


Got my 1st RB going through now for an afternoon session at £200 for 2 hours incall in Central London -

Have had several bids from wg's based in the North of England?  and Midlands + Hampshire and as far as Exeter and Swansea!! Also forgot to also say on my RB details that only size 8-10/12 need to bid so i have had a few large ladies bidding for my services. All really nice ladies but not my cup of tea.

However i have had 3 who seem to be very decent bids and good WG's , have a few days to go so will see what else is new!!

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