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Author Topic: littlemisxxx touring london  (Read 2171 times)

Offline Rick2468


Not sure what you guys will think but I am thinking of seeing this girl when she tours London.

Any experience? I quite like the busty and overly made up look.



WOW thats what you call tits!! - iw ould visit if she was a size 10-12 but too large for my little dick....

Offline NightKid

Holy faeces, the heck's in there? Air?  :sarcastic:
@Rick since she isn't from London maybe you'll have more luck getting info on her by posting in her hometown section?
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Offline Rick2468

Can't get through to Jess yet but I'm sure on earth going to keep trying. Can't stop looking at her page.

Offline Kram

That's a massive pair of chesticles but that boatrace ??

Hope you manage to see her fella

Offline Rick2468

Jess got in touch. £200 for an hour for London chaps. Going to give her a miss as it seems a big mark up. Massive shame. Very kind with communication so no need to doubt she would give a good time.
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Offline baltar

All I can think is this...
Snooki want smoosh smoosh!!


Offline Rick2468

That's harsh man (but don't want to start another row on this site so it's forgotten :-) ). She was really polite with messages and understood when I said I couldn't see her because of the price. My guess (wild wild guess) is she is a Yorkshire lady through and through and heard London prices for escorts can be £200+ and has come here on a tour to get that. At the same time doesn't realise how competitive it can be so you can get the same service for half that. She said in messages that she has lots of bookings so it has paid off.

Anyway....after this one got away can someone reference me to Platinum Cindy to help me get over this??? (I don't have an adultwork page so can't book her).

Offline NightKid

If anyone on UKP would ever be able to refer you to Platinum Cindy it is probably Panel, judging from the amount of times he must've visited her by now.
However, she's known to have strict policies on seeing first timers so I wouldn't bet on it if I were you.

Do you have a plan C?
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She is at a VERY NICE 4 star hotel and spa place in West London - Best hotel room i have been in many years - she is there all week and  already booked up with duo's with Dee on Monday 8th but she does ahve a couple of 1 hour slots on Tuesday and Wed late afternoon, also a duo with Dee on Thursday - £100 for 30 mins and £200 for 1 hour if you can deal with 2 x 36 DD in your face, Very good I have done twice with duo's  and she has a got a Few hours on Friday. However you need to email her and give her some details about yourself - age, likes and disilikes. which girls you have seen lately?, nationality and if you have a AW profile?

She sometimes does see people who do not have lots of feed back, or if you want to send her a text - number is n/a as she does not work week ends - her other email is cindy-cox@hotmail.co.uk but not sure if she does read the emails on her personal email through hotmail, but try - she may feel its ok to see you...Never know unless you ask..

Offline Rick2468

I have used the email a few times but no response. Panel if you can do me a favour I would love it she's gorgeous


If you PM me then i will pass on your details -

Ps,,, I hope this is not looking like I am pimping for Cindy?

Offline NightKid

Naw, it looks like you're trying to help out a fellow punter  :thumbsup:
S'not as though you were recommending someone without them asking for it or anything of the sort.
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