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Author Topic: Louise - Diamonds of Newcastle  (Read 1703 times)

Offline Jim

Has anyone had the pleasure? Her photos look good - but they've had the same ones as long as I've been using them.. She doesn't seem to be reviewed outside of diamonds website.. Which makes me wary..

Offline whattsup

Louise is brilliant.

does not work too often though.

a good location, she is very enthusiastic, OWO, DFK, lots of positions etc. Reccomended very highly.

See my comments about Diamonds and their flats


So Louise is the only one I will see there now.

Offline Jim

Yeah, I've been thinking the same.. Do not want to get caught up in that..

Is it easy to find her place? Presume she's a local girl?

Offline toon972

It is easy to find once you google earth it,plenty of parking with no residential areas.It is on an estate opposite the Falcons Rugby Club.


I Would be interested in any more feed back on her. She has been on my to do list for a while but does not appear to work very often. I have tried to book a couple of times. Are the photos on Dimonds website accurate?

Offline whattsup

she is well worth catching up with.

wish she had more hours


Can she only be booked through Dimonds?

Offline toon972

Louise has two young children,that is why her hours are limited(school holidays etc).She works a Friday night because she has someone to look after them.

Offline nutley

Are her tits real or enhanced? Very big for a size 8 girl..

Offline whattsup

enhanced, but very well though.

Offline Toshiba

Sorry to drag this up but an up to date review will be on here soon about her

Very soon woohoo

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