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Author Topic: Blonde.Cristine19  (Read 4395 times)

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Offline James6789

Had a punt with the above named username profile owner known as Blonde Cristine

Called her on the Number provided on the profile, picked up and i asked for French kissing, OWO, and ofcourse Safe sex and she agreed to them all and stated that one hour would be £60.

Feeling all happy with the effortless communication and the fact she was very friendly (Speaking rather good english) i made my way to Upton lane E7 called her when i was on the road and she gave me her door number and she opened the door once i was outside

FIRST Positive SHE IS the girl on the profile picture YAYY i thought what a punt this will be.
Got led to the room once again confirmed the services and she stated "yes i told you i do all" took that with a pinch of salt handed over the money she did her vanishing and reappearing act and as she returned to the room stated that the time will start now.

She undressed me and i undress her and she looked AMAZING i must say.

Sadly this is where the positives end :(

Went into kiss her and her DEEP french kissing was with closed lips and when i told her you agreed to french kissing she stated she had sore lips hmm ok

Asked her to go down on me and took me deep in her mouth but barely closed her mouth while sucking and at this point i was getting rather annoyed. I Asked her every s nicely to close her mouth and grip with her lips a little more and she goes everyone likes this blowjob and always come to me for my special blowjob you complain why.

So a few mins of her "Special Blowjob" passed by and she whipped on the protection and got on top and started moving in a robotic fashion.
I was really pissed of at this stage so got her on a Missionary poss and just took out my fustration got dressed and left

WILL not be seeing this one again at all

Reviewed my day and i am at home sulking £60 down the drain instead of giving it to that homeless woman who sat outside stratford station

Oh well on to the next punt and wish me luck boys and girls hope that goes well whenever i decide to punt

https://www.adultwork.com/1897449 or https://www.adultwork.com/blonde%2Ecristine19

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline loner

I'm sorry this review made me laugh apologies, I know u had a shit time but it cracked me up the way I pictured the situation. Better luck next time bro!!


Thanks for the review - sorry you had a bad punt - good luck with next time

Offline amri

sorry to hear that james ..

look on the bright side.. me with miss sexy cost me 130 pounds(am still pissed of after the many months since i last saw her)

Offline James6789

is it me or do these WG have a rather disgusting attitude to them. Almost to the point that they know if not me someone else will visit them and regardless of the service they will get customers and money and once the WG reputation is down the toilet the pimps will just go out and replace them

Either way need to replace this negative with a positive punt soon but im all for cheap and cheerful :D

Offline Festisio

This is a good bit of evidence to all the people who repeatedly crow "price has no bearing on performance".  Sure, you can have a shit punt at all points on the price spectrum, but pick 10 £60/hr prossies and 10 £120/hr prossies and I bet my left bollock that a higher % of the £120/hr are positive than the £60/hr.

She also has a face like a bulldog chewing a piss soaked nettle.

Offline James6789

i do still believe there are alot of WG who have a high price and are far from worth half that, and a few are just too fake also when charging a high price, for example fake breasts, lips, nose and so on and that feel and lack of expression all be it FAKE expressions are not worth the price they ask

Oh well i guess we will always be behind the WG, lets be honest not like we can go down westminster anytime soon and protest about WG prices

Offline DH

Just one look at her face expression  on aw and she put me off straight away.

Offline akauya

James I also laughed a bit at your review, sorry mate; it's the way you described it. But sorry as well you had a crap punt. For cheap and way more than cheerful have a look at Lara's reviews on here (Busty Lara). A number of UKP members (including myself and the one-man-punt-machine Panel) have seen her and her service is outstanding.

Offline James6789

Thanks for the advice Akauya, will take a look at her profile and hopefully visit her in the next few days

Take it you won't be going for an overnight outcall then James for £1000!!!!!!  :wacko: Seriously that's Johnny Ball territory!

Sorry you got a wrong 'un better luck next time..

Edit - plus looking at the feedback, screams fake profiles to me?
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Offline LL

Reviewed my day and i am at home sulking £60 down the drain instead of giving it to that homeless woman who sat outside stratford station
Yeah and she probably would have given better head too (joke!) ;)

Offline James6789

£1000 for an overnight  :thumbsdown: noooo way her "Special Blowjob" is not out of my mind yet. Think those memories will be with me for some time

@LL, you might not have been wrong but something tells me not to give it a go either  :D

Offline DomUK

Thanks James had her on my Hot list as i punt around the Newham area she does look great and the price also but unfortunately  the service was lacking

going to be trying out some of the cheaper punts in the area and post a couple of reviews

Offline patulea

Despite your bad review, I am still interested. I like the look of the girl in the photos and you've confirmed that she's genuine.

I wouldn't mind spending £60 but the obvious fake feedback puts me off. 8 of the first 9 that she received were from profiles with 0 or 1 feedback score themselves and with exactly the same format to their usernames. A first name, then a dot and then a second name.

woo.lee (0)    05/04/2013 18:30    Seeking Services
Yaaaaamy girl! Like chinese food! xxx She's hot hot hot!!! xxxx

It's just laughable that she thinks feedback like that would fool anybody.  :lol:

What was the place like, did it feel safe or were there obvious signs that pimps were present?

Not my neck of the woods, but perhaps your mistake was calling her Cristine; her profile says she's called Denise!! :dash:

Offline James6789

The name was what her profile username is called

As for the place is was rather dark i dont mean TOTAL pitch black but could do with a few bulbs here and there.
Place smelt a bit but most WG do smoke or ones i have seen have

Place 100% had another male in the kitchen/dinning room area but i cant verify if he was a client waiting/ready to go or a pimp

Place did feel safe but her attitude did stink

Offline blue

Another bad review for a Romanian WG; which is why I avoid them now.  :thumbsdown:

Offline tufan

she said in her profile that she is very selective and everyone must be 18 or over. :dash:

Just one look at her face expression  on aw and she put me off straight away.

It's like she had been slapped by a wet fish in the face ! :thumbsdown:

Offline rhapsody

Not my neck of the woods, but perhaps your mistake was calling her Cristine; her profile says she's called Denise!! :dash:

The profile name was sweet.denise20 before  :wacko:


And i think we all are being the victim of not to search with the aw profile link over google or here in UKP.. So be warned of this girl once again and allways do research  :rolleyes:

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