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Author Topic: PSEXXXSANDY  (Read 1261 times)


I DO LIKE this girl - very much my type -- would like to meet her soon - can someone go and verify her services and report back?

She does indeed look a cracker but she contradicts herself on eye colour?! First para... With my stunningly green eyes... 2nd para... Smiling and sparkling brown eyes...

Does love herself!!!


Ha Ha - maybe she has 1 green and 1 brown!!

Definitely smell a rat in the feedback. If you look at the people who have left FB for her and look at THEIR FB quite a few are the same girls and left it at approx 815-830 on 26/02  :bomb:


Yes good spot - seesm same people leaving each other people to incease numbers?

Offline theysaywhit

First she says her tits are natural then says they are enhanced. Ones bigger than the other lol

Offline billlybob

was also extra 20 quid for dfk when i texted today...seems there's a group near warren st that do that. Two girls there a few months back were extra 20 for owo and extra 20 for kissing...on top of the 150quid it getting pretty expensive...

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