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Author Topic: Exotic fruits ?  (Read 5333 times)

I'm looking to broaden my horizons and see an Asian or black WG.

Seems to be a few dodgy looking Asian profiles in Newcastle.

Anyone have any recommendations ?


I have tried a few of the Asians in the past and apart from one who is no longer on AW was ripped off.
Horny Zara and Amiee Office girl are both lovely black girls with fabulous booty. Nothing much to chose between them really. Zara does not do OWO.


Aimee is on my hotlist, but the lack OWO counts Zara out.

Plus I find Zara's tits an odd shape.

Offline denyason

Does anyone remember this half black girl that did escorting some 9 years ago.  She worked for an agency probably Notorious.  She had big tits and very attractive and she was on the front cover of a porn mag but i'm not sure on the name of the mag....think it was knave? 


I am not a tit man but Zara's are good although enhanced. Nipples are huge! Aimme is another one who loses interest as soon as you blow your load. You only get one shot. 
Keely is ok too but I don't think she does OWO either.

Offline Philbiao1

There was a black girl who worked for Diamonds ages ago called Rocsi or Roxi, I can't remember how it was spelt, but she was pretty good. Didn't do CIM or facials but let me blow my wad on her lovely boobs. She's long since left and I too am looking for someone exotic.

Have you looked at Jasmine over at Dollybirds?



Agree with Philbiao. Diamonds girl Rosci was really nice little black girl. Fabulous kisser too. Long gone now.

I have looked at Jasmine a couple of times, but she seems very sporadic in her availability.

Spotted her on her AW profile, unrealblackbarbie if I remember correctly.

Might try her through that.



I am also looking for some exotic fruit in the NE area and have been watching the girls listed above along with  Ameera at Amour and Tantalising Tamsin from AW. Trouble is both are lacking in feedback or reports and I am risk averse!

May take a chance with Tamzin next week, but will probably chicken out at the last minute and end up staying with a girl I have seen before or a new one I know will provide a  reliable service based upon comments on UKP.


Offline Philbiao1

Well let us know how it goes with Jasminr if you do take the plunge. She does look great.

I did find an Indian girl on AW called Shilpa, however, I'm a bit cautious in booking her as she's been around for ages and doesn't have any feedback.

https://www.adultwork.com/1734488 or https://www.adultwork.com/indian+slut+shilpa

Has anybody seen her?


ice been considering Adele at armour aswell

but been looking for reviews, can't find any


I don't think any of them look as good as Horny Zara or Aimee Office girl. Black rabid one has been about for a while as has shipla. Neither look much cop to me.
Would be interested in knowing how you get on share vet choice you make.

There was a girl on adultwork called sensational Ameera, saw her a couple of times but she seems to have disappeared now. Nice girl and a good punt.

Also another to look out for is Middleeasternbabe who tours around and have seen in newcastle a couple of times.

Have you noticed the tags for Tamzin's pics....Ameera ?

And I think Adele is Queen Sasha.


Thanks for the help guys.
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Good spot mate I think you are right. Quite a few of the black girls work from the same flat in Wallsend although last time I was there it was occupied by Minxymia.
Horny Zara knows some of the girls and told me that one in particular uses fake photos.
I saw Keely at the Walls end flat a while back and there was another bigger black girl there then. Keely has a fit bod but services were a bit restricted if I remember right.

Offline carl.s

There this agency thats popped up over the past couple of days, has a few asian girls.

https://www.adultwork.com/2056885 or https://www.adultwork.com/Newcastle+Escorts

Also has a girl called Yasmin that looks like the same girl as Jasmine (unrealblackbarbie), seroiusly thinking about booking her, cant seem to find any reviews or feedback about her though.

Seem to be linked to this agency although some differences between the girls listed.


Offline carl.s

yeah thats right, i used bangkokescort girls once before i while back, i called the number on the the adultwork page though not the actual website it self,  the girl i went to see was different to the girl on the photos, but she was still good looking so this wasnt a problem, however she did not offer owo or kissing, and i paid £70 for half an hour when owo and french kissing was listed on likes. She would not do doggy style either...overall it was a waste of £70 and since then i havnt used them

Offline quickbeam

Hi guys, long time reader, 1st time poster  :rolleyes:

Being asian, I've always preferred asian girls when I've been able to find them.
Not really keen on indie girls and only stuck with one agency so far, but by the looks of things with them, might have to branch out.

Only ever used Escorts Northeast, over the last couple of years, but found some cracking girls there.

From their current roster:

Nadine: Went to see her a few weeks back. Good looking, light brown skin, Indian, really slim and light. Early 20's.
Her owo was alright, more like she was licking a ice cream than anything else. Didn't make much (or any) noise when I done a reverse owo on her.
best redeeming point, she was very tight. Probably the tightest working girl I've met yet.

Tamzin: Seen her over a year ago, when she was still new. I would have placed her at 28-30 at the time. Indian, but with sightly darker skin. Great to talk with and her owo was good too.

Chanelle: Having only seen one black escort before, decided to try her and was happy I did.
Still young around 18-20, Tall and slim and a cracking pair of breasts. Liked to talk and cuddle.
Dfk with her was awesome and her owo with cim was great too. Reverse owo on her, and she liked to make some noise.
Sadly never got to finish with her as I ran out of time, but she was one of the few girls who actually tried to give me a 2nd owo in the little time I had left.

Girls who have left ENE who I'd love to see again:

Georgia: My 1st punt a few years ago, lovely girl, loves to talk. Doesn't do reverse owo or kissing. Sex was okay, but her speciality is her owo, ouot of this world.

Naomi: Easily the best girl I ever seen. Short and busty, she was a fire cracker. Dfk, owo, deepthroat the works. Filthy mouth on her and happy to do anything.
Sadly she was always busy and notorious for cancelling on a whim, apparently got found out by friends and family and packed it in.

Zara: Tall, leggy and a halfcast. Was fair skinned, but with asian features.
Probably my favourite girl at ENE, went to see her many times. She loved to kiss and cuddle, giving a perfect gfe.
Gave great owo, and loved receiving it too, very easy to make her cum.
Sadly since the 1st ene raid last year, hasn't seen her on the site since. She used to come from Leeds, and I had seen her on another agency site from down there, which I suspect is run by ENE as well.

Hope to get some recommendations for some new girls from you guys  ;)

I found this girl on AW https://www.adultwork.com/2071149 or https://www.adultwork.com/Diamond+%26+Friends she looks the absolute business.

Hotlisted already, but keeping an eye on developments.


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