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Author Topic: British Busty Sammy, Marble Arch  (Read 1424 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2026948 or https://www.adultwork.com/British%5FBustySammy

Hadn't punted in a while and decided to go with a higher price bracket than I normally do (mostly because I was nearby at the time and in the mood).

Nice enough flat next to Edgware Road. I would say the pictures are her (she has hair extensions now) and she does look good in the flesh. However, there is no way this girl is "British" as advertised- she speaks with an accent and looked Hungarian to me. Claims she was born here but spent most of her time abroad. Didn't buy it.

On the phone, a PSE with DFK and OWO was promised. On arrival when I quizzed her about these services, she nodded unconvincingly but I thought fuck it, she's polite/smiley/pleasant enough to be potentially telling the truth.

Started with some (very) light kissing and thereafter offered her neck every time our heads met. In hindsight I should have just asked for money back and left at this point, because she went back on what was agreed (DFK). I continued. She does have an excellent figure, but nothing any better than cheaper girls I have seen. Not particularly responsive to being touched, RO, or anything really. No fingering allowed (despite phone confirmation).

Went to her knees for OWO, but reached back for a condom....'I thought you were ok to do without?' I asked. 'No baby I dont' she replied. After pressing her a bit, she just said 'ok I can try'. Barely any OWO, lots of hand, which I asked her to stop, but it didnt improve. Poor.

Sex was marginally better. She smothered herself in lube, and I massaged her downstairs which she was getting in to, but stopped me as she didnt seem to want to enjoy herself too much. Mish, doggy, her on top.  All boring, cant take a cock (I'm average at best) and just kept fake moaning with a perfect rhythm and no eye contact (ugh...ugh...yea baby x n). Went at it as furiously as I could from behind and managed to come through sheer friction.

She was off straight away, out of the room. Came back more than 5 mins later and was clearly talking to flatmate, joking around, and on phone. If I had paid less I would not have been bothered, but I have seen cheap girls that are less than half her rate and more than twice as good.

I would suggest avoiding her and saving your £160 for someone else. Profile is total bollocks and the girl (while pleasant enough) is not interested at all and doesnt do the services advertised/confirmed.
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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline what-a man

When I read reports like this, I just wished I had some black magic to use if WGs dont deliver for my cash to just disappear from her drawer or wherever she kept it straight back in my pocket after I have left her premises.

On a more serious note, I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I will stay away from new punts and just stick with the tried and tested performers. I am 90% there.

Sorry to hear about this especially when you've paid £160 per hour which is NOT CHEAP.


Very good review for a very Crap punt - total waste of time for £160 ph - I had a similar bad punt at that price witha British girl that has been well documented on this forum - However we move on and just black list the crap and bad wg's on AW.

Hope you have better punt next time -

Online mrhappypants

Hi Panel,  Sorry to be indiscrete but I, like a lot of punters here. trust you and would like to know who it was?

Offline Kram

Well I just paid 120 for a crap punt .... So now I don't feel so bad

Sorry about your bad punt fella


Check the Reviews under London as a negative Charlotte Lewis at £160 - a British wg who is actually quite stunning, young and great figure but service was a big No No...read the review - very negative from my end and she was NOT happy, she started to send me emails saying she will give me loads of negative FB on AW - not worried as i have +60 FB ALL POSITIVES.

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