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Horny hanna 91  Whitefield

1 hour incall £140, arranged night before through AW email, excellent coms and confirmed very detailed directions re address, parking and even room location inside apartment block. All extremely accurate and easy to follow.

Very nice apartment, spotlessly clean, allocated parking (free) easy to find. Great location and lovely smart apartment.

My thoughts
My first sight of Hanna, I thought WOW , innocent, young looking beautiful girl next door, petite pale skin with no tattoos or metal bits, totally perfect in every way. if like me you like that young fresh innocent girl look you'll be very pleased indeed.     

In The Bedroom
Paperwork sorted, then both naked with hands all over each other rolling around the bed, very passionate DFK , not rough just like girlfriend, she the gave me one of THE most sensual OWO blow jobs I've ever had, nothing rough or rushed just totally sensual, took me all my powers not to cum too soon. Sex (covered) was just as sublime, fu*ked her every way I asked for and LOVED it.  Finished with really sexy hand job (at my request)         

In conclusion
I'm not usually a vanilla sort of guy, but its difficult to not fall for this oh sooooo sexy beautiful, educated, girl next door. I've met a few girls like Hanna in my long punting life and they usually don't stay around too long, so go get her guys before she disappears.

Things you may not like
No playing with her pussy, I didn't get anal,  No licking her pussy or putting fingers in her ass, or perhaps that was just me,  Anyway none of that detracted from a most fantastic hour. 

Hanna is unaware of my UKP membership

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10 review(s) found for SEX KITTEN SOPHIA linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

I like the sound of the blow job :-) Nice review.

I like the sound of the blow job :-) Nice review.

Thanks, hope you see her and let us know your thoughts  :drinks:   

Offline kingM

This girl is not new. She was on AW a while back and I remember she had a ton of positive AW feedback on her profile.

Whilst I haven't seen her myself it always makes me skeptical when they have a constant flow of feed back and little mention on UKP.
The feedback from members seem to show a lot of recurring feedback of similar girls...

£140 for an hour?

I've only paid £326 rtn for my next flight to Thailand.


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£140 for an hour?

I've only paid £326 rtn for my next flight to Thailand.

Good for you :unknown: