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Author Topic: Neutral reviews  (Read 3411 times)

Offline Inna

I've just read JRC's comment about most punters being easily pleased. I happen to agree with this to an extent. Jimmy points out that 16 of the last 17 reviews are positive, something he finds hard to believe.

I think the review system does not particularly help here. Maybe if it could be changed to include a 'neutral' rating people would get a better expectation of service. I know I've had many 'average' punts, where I've received almost a generic service and could not be accurately described as good or bad. I'm more inclined to offer a good review if the service was only average as it seems fairer and more accurate than negative.

So my first question is if this is possible? And second, if so, do people think it is worthwhile or not? Personally I can't see any negative aspects of including it.

Damming with faint praise, would probably be worse than a negative report.

Personally I don't think having a neutral facility will do anything to enhance the site, we're all perfectly capable of finding mediocre punts for ourselves. Writing a review just for the sake of writing a review serves little purpose IMHO. Do you really want to trawl through pages and pages of average reports? In the present format the positive and negative reports will get lost among all the neutrals.

I for one want to read about exceptional service providers without sifting through the average BS and hear about the truly awful ones so I can give them a swerve.

We can already ask about particular service providers in the regional boards and there's a fair chance somebody will stick their head above the parapet and say they've seen her and add their experience.

Spot on, skittish, imo.

The only input I have is that we're all old enough and ugly enough to make up our own opinions from what is put on a review. As long as the reviewer puts in good detail then we can make up our own minds whether we would see or not. For example, and I'm not picking on Anth here because I value his reviews and think he's a perfect example of detail and honesty, but he put Tiff from Amour as a positive whilst most of us that read it were grateful for the review as it helped us dodge a bullet.

Offline Melb

Would the replacement girl in a B&S ever be as good lo :bomb:oking as the girl advertised?
What would be the point?

In my experience, the photo's been of a stunner and the switch a skank. How can punters accept this as ok? Beats the fuck out of me. :unknown:

Offline Melb

Hey Inna, do you have a sister called Outta?

Offline Inna

Hey Inna, do you have a sister called Outta?

Of course, when did you meet her ?

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