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Author Topic: police posing as profiles on AdultWork  (Read 2219 times)

Offline Marmalade

I was directed to a specific Saafe thread and noticed they regard this as a problem. Can't see it being a problem for punters unless they go in for both making an offer to buy services illegal and using US-style entrapment - but as it's so easy to post profiles maybe one more thing to be aware of.

I am sure a law expert could clarify this point, but I believe that the police can only use lawful measures in a "sting operation, such as leaving a trackable car in an area of high car theft, or leaving a shutter door open on a lorry. Soliciting for sex is illegal, and thus would surely be viewed as entrapment in court.

Offline Dani

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It is just the odd one on safe who thinks this can happen and that is normally because they think it is illegal. 
What could the police possibly get out of doing it?  Paying for sex is not illegal unless the girl is trafficked/forced or coerced which a police officer would not be so they could not even do it to catch those who happily visit trafficked girls

Offline Marmalade

Quite easy. Police decide to harass a WG. Pose as a punter then use AW to make a booking and get her address. She's on tour in a hotel. No laws broken but police inform hotel who quickly eject her. This has happened in Aberdeen.

Turn it round. Pose as a WG then post a slightly dodgy profile - bruised face - "I'm 18 but look younger." Police interview punter who makes a booking, outside on a busy street, wearing gloves, holding condoms up in plain view found in his pocket. Question him for half an hour till every passer by has had a good look. Then tell him no crime has been committed and le him go.

Punters need to have a zero tolerance on some things. If she's unverified and her age is dubious, say you will ask for proof that she is over 18 before handing over money. And do it! If a profile looks dodgy/possibly trafficked, avoid it!

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