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Author Topic: Would You Object?  (Read 505 times)

Offline philboi

So your wife/partner gets home and says, one of her friends does massage. She earns good money doing it and is looking for someone to help her.
She mentions her friend has told her it's very professional and she only sees women clients who want this service!

She then suggests it could be a good way for her to earn extra money and might give it a go...!!!  :wackogirl:

Of course you believe her, the same way she believes you when you tell her you're out drinking with your mates or playing golf etc...

What's your immediate reaction?
Just remember, you're as green as a cucumber and know nothing about the way this business works!

Ask how much her friend charges ? Assuming her friend floats your boat.

Offline mh

Why not?!

If it ended up with her wanking off some hairy arsed bloke then lucky him.

If it ended up with her intimately touching another woman then I'll be asking her to describe it to me in great detail.

Anything that got her thinking about the human body as something other than offensive and made her realise that everyone has the urges and needs that I do would be good.

And of course I'd offer to let her and her friend practice on me.

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