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Author Topic: Teen.Barbara.21  (Read 1435 times)


She's not interested in providing a good service or enjoying herself. Waste of time.

Offline barry

She does have a cracking pair of tits, I have met her and I recommend avoid, she has been around a while and has lots of bad reviews and a bad attitude.

+1 to this - the pictures are her and she does have a fantastic rack (as you can see) but the review posted could be an exact review of my experience.

OMG, those tits!  :wacko:

It'd almost be worth the £50 just to spend 30mins playing with them, despite the complete disinterest from their owner!

I must admit she is still in my hotlist for that very reason.

Large but upstanding, with big, puffy nipples...

Well I just phoned her AW profile number and the ringtone is single tones, ie indicating that she's abroad (I didn't let it ring until it was picked up).

Her profile is showing as accessed today, but not from abroad - which suggests she's gone home for a bit but her pimp or someone else is accessing it from the UK. Which I guess in itself is no surprise really.

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