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Author Topic: B2B Massage @LondonLucyXXX St James' Park  (Read 2134 times)

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Dear All
Hop you will have a splendid week ahead of you!

Life is Beautiful when you can say Handjob!
Life is Good when you can say Tits Job!

Was looking for black woman but could not find one, which I will handed £80 so I decided to find white meat. White meat tastes good. Latinas need have a break once a while, innit? :lol:

First thing first, she looks good.  :yahoo:
(Not as good as London Overground South-eastern Services claiming offering good services, although you do not have place to sit and the trains are always delayed. Not to mention you do not have any nice pussy to look at, early in the morning. :dash:)
She has got great fake big tits, quite nice ass, pretty face, with kissable lips and nice eyes. Personality is excellent - professional, she is very discreet, not offering escort services so be aware.
Comms: easy, did not answer so proceed with txt. Asked if FK and Rimming is on offer, she replied no and asked if I still want to proceed with the booking. (this changed after my arrival, as I am not looking as 3 minutes from dying, chemistry raised up :drinks:). Generally speaking these extra services are at her discretions, so please do not count on it. Remember, you are going to have a massage! :music:
Location: 4 minutes St’ James Street tube station, not much places to get lost in there, just use common sense
I showered. Well, it was b2b massage. She is able to give a professional massage, thanks god for it! :dance: Although it is too much sensual for my taste. :( But still she pushed hard on my shoulders and traps, which I really enjoyed as my muscles as sore on these places at this moment. I liked it but it is not my cup of tea, would need to have more rough massage, similar to one what perhaps Lionel Messi having after long training day etc… :thumbsup:

I went for 30 minutes, and it is time enough to be teased!

The best part when turned around. Before that we did have occasional conversations, and I enjoyed the feeling of her body parts touching me. The best what I enjoyed was touching around my anus, balls and gluteus maximus (butt)
Lying on my back I did do some fingering, FK, sucking tits, and general touching. I must stoped her 2-3 times as was ready to cum. I couldn’t hold more and exploded while she was DFK’d me. :kissgirl:
 She initiated very dirty talk, suddenly the atmosphere changed, a bit of weird that you cannot fuck her. :timeout:
But yes, there are times when you just want to have a massage with HJ, and forget about those Chinese places there’s a pretty girl with big tits around the corner who will talk dirty to you, you got it fella? :cool:
Overall: I enjoyed very much, but will go for prostate massage, cum twice, on my next visit. 

Many thanks

Germany  :hi:

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