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Author Topic: Where is Stevenage on here?  (Read 857 times)

Offline scottbowe

Sorry, dumb question, but where are the discussions / reviews for stevenage?  I had a quick look but could not find much, and that CAN'T be right, given the trade there  :D

Offline Lz-129

I guess somewhere in the London section, not having been there meself though...is it good?

Offline scottbowe

havent been there for ages, tho am thinking of visiting one girl in chells (some area of the town).  it's a bit rough in general, and ive had some ok punts there and some so so punts.. long while ago though... any and all info welcome... there seem to be a lot of entries on aw, im after some recon b4 committing cash   :)

Offline Hetfield

Stevenage is in Herts, so I guess it's covered under the East Of England forums, along with Essex with which it borders

Offline Melb

Stevenage is banned by most prossies because it('s) Herts.  :D

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