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Author Topic: Cambridge suggestions...  (Read 1091 times)

Offline scottbowe

Hi All,

After lots of run around, I'm still looking for a regular incall in Cambridge.  Just once a month or so, so don't worry, I won't hog all the bandwidth!!  Also, there seem to be a LOT of Romanian / Czech girls on AW these days... any reports?  they seem to be in town for maybe only one day, then in Leicester, Coventry, anywhere... feels a bit dodgy IMO, but any positives would be welcome.  Cambridge seems a bit of a desert frankly, except out of town, which is a hassle for me...

I'll pay gbp80 per half hour, less if poss, only incall, and city centre is preferred, though hotels on the outskirts are fine.  I have varied taste, except no real fatties.. a decent bit of curve is just fine, but nothing beyond that.

reposted here after being told my original post was in the wrong place.. ah we live and learn...

Any suggestions?

All comments welcome.. 



Offline vt

Operation Radium shut down lots of places in Cambs about 5 years ago, ostensibly because of trafficking, but I'm not sure if they actually secured any convictions for that offence. Since then, it means there's either little in Cambridge or it's very well hidden. P'boro looks a bit more promising.

There are some English girls who make Cambridge a regular stop on their tours. I saw the fabulous KittyofLondon at a hotel on the outskirts that way, she was £160, but she's not working at the moment. The Romanians look decidedly dodgy, but that's all you'll get for £80. There are parlours at Bedford & MK if you don't mind travelling, £90 for 45 mins.

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Offline scottbowe

Many thanks - wil check these out... :hi:

Offline vt

Plenty of choice



These two for instance good feedback etc

Nice one...are they both touring English girls?? Have you had a chance to meet them?

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