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Author Topic: Whats peoples reviews of these foreign girls who travel around working in hotels  (Read 379 times)

Offline Backofthethroat

Some of the profiles look like scam, but i did see one in a holiday inn, stunning girl, great service. Would visit again.
  But i do still very weary of visting them, Sometimes they only will text and not talk on the phone.
  I always like to hear their voice before i arrive.

 Anyone got any horror stories??

Offline Hetfield

Chances are, they're a bunch of pimped girls that are "toured" around the country. I have a saved search on AW and refresh it from time to time to see if anything new turns up, and quite often 3 or 4 girls will turn up, all no feedback, new profiles, all working from the same place, often with similar phone numbers, and very similarly written profiles.

I did go and see one once, after an arranged punt didn't happen, and it turned out to be a bait and switch. I was a little naive at the time to clock on to the fact it was a pimped troupe, nor about the whole bait and switch thing (although it was very clear when I arrived at the hotel room it was a completely different girl). Turns out she was better looking that the girl in the profile, but it still turned out to be a shit punt.

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