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Author Topic: How Long Have You Been a Member on AdultWork and How Many Profiles in Your Hot List?  (Read 4297 times)

Offline CoolTiger

Following on from my other post about the longest profile on AW...

How and When did you guys come across adultwork?
If registered on there, how long have you been a member for?

Optional... How many profiles of yourself have you created on there.

I'll kick off.... Only 1 profile (found out recently that there is a -ve note against it).

Been a member since Jan-2005.

Girls in My Hot List...... Will reveal later!!.


Been on AW for a while but can't log in to my original profile. 

New profile since April (but not showing as having an alias though, so AW properly fucked up my original one).  Only 2 feedback on this one which is shit for booking cynical pro$$ies who won't deal with newbies.

I have 2 hot lists:

About ten 19-25 y/o EEs under £80 and hour to work through before they disappear.
The real deal of about ten (all Brits) to hit up as and when I can afford it.

Offline NIK

I have been a member many years and have dozens in my hot list.

Ironically I have hardly used AW though!

Offline baltar

I have about 32 in my hot list folder, I went through it recently to clear out ones I know Im not going to see (they are okay but there are better ones I'd rather see, or I've already seen them and would rather see others than go back etc). I have a mental list of 3 to 5 definite's for who I plan on seeing next. I dont keep the hot list on AW I have a folder in Chrome, its easier to manage for me.

 Only have 1 profile. On an unrelated note, I actually offered to send a pic of myself to a couple of escorts in the past. I thought that would be nice, since most girls dont know what  they are going to get but apparently most of them would rather not know as none expressed any interest at all so I dont do it anymore. Was probably a stupid idea.
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Offline haystacks79

Only ever had the 1 profile, created April 2011 and a huge 6 in my hotlist.

where does it say how long you have been a member?

Offline haystacks79

where does it say how long you have been a member?

Actually on your profile, the one that looks like the provider profiles you're used to seeing. All you have to do is find it!

Offline Hangerman

Joined AW June 2012 so a relative newbie

Current state of play for my Hotlists (but it changes all the time)
'A*' List 1 Profile - The ones that I'd most like to see  :yahoo: (but it ain't coming off at the mo :()
'A' List 5 Profiles - The ones I'd really like to see  ;)
'B' List  9 Profiles - mainly either ones that aren't on the A list yet or ones I've seen and would like to again  :rolleyes:
General Hotlist 53 profiles - my general "she's good I'll keep tabs on her" list
'Z' List 3 Profiles - the  ones that were on my list and either I've seen or been put off of.  :thumbsdown:

i cannot find when i joined AW, but i brought credits in april 2005 and only have had 1 profile

Joined in 2006 but had a period away and lost my credentials so created a new profile 2010.

Two hotlists - rather obviously a 'Had' which has more entries than I care to mention and a default list with about 20 although at the moment I'm not sure I really want to see any of them.

Offline pdq

been on aw since 2006
allways had the same login eg pdq and only one profile

used same login on SS, DW, auto-censored, auto-censored, ISG


Offline CoolTiger

As it's gone quite, I thought I'd resurect this topic..

I never got round to mentioning how many profiles I had in my Hot List..........537

Split into Various Categories, such as Those based in My City, Neighbouring Cities, UK Based girls that tour
My Area, EE Girls who tour my area, Indians (or claiming to be Indians!!), Body Builders, Those whop won't
see Asians and Porn Stars.

I'm sure I'll get some slack for the high numbers or some of the Categories, so about to pop out and grab
a helmet and a shield.

Found aw when on the train the guy sitting in front of me was viewing it on his lap top  :cool:
Signed up couple weeks later ( sep/ oct 2012)  view it less & less nowadays  my last 2 punts were sourced on ukp  :drinks:

Offline overhead

My AW account got screwed up when a WG asked to borrow my laptop to check her messages. I then got even less replies to my messages and then one WG told me my profile was showing that I was a WG in disguise, which was kind of funny because the locations were 200 miles apart. So I raised a new account and that's blighted because apparently it shows that I have multiple aliases.

So basically I don't ever log in to AW any more. There is no need to. It was already largely a waste of time before any of that happened. I only contact profiles that have a phone number showing. It's amazing how many of those that are fake as well.

Offline Ted Bear

7-8 months on AW with 40 odd in hotlist but none get the go ahead unless there is a positive review on UKP - BUT that list is growing every day :dash: unlike my money tree :D


Been a member since late Jan 2013 and have 2x Hot list of  - 1st list is WG's I have seen - approx 91 and 2nd Hot list that i would like to see - approx 65

Offline kenw1

I have been on AW for around 6 years and 10 in my hot list

I'm not really sure when I first joined and don't know how to find out - but around 6 years ago.  I have about 80 in various Hot Lists based upon geographical areas - Berkshire my home area, East Anglia, Home Counties, South Coast, London ***** (those I REALLY want to see or have seen and will see again) and London (fall back options).  I'm on the road quite often and stay overnight at hotels so when the opportunity arises finding someone is so much easier!

Been on AW for less than 3 months and have 18 profiles in my hotlist of which only 3 are realistic targets that I have or intend to see.

I'v been on it around 3/4 years? Had one profile  with bad feedback from a crazy lady who got the arsehole cos I found out she had two profiles . So had to set up another. Use the local ladies now and again when wife away and feeling for something different   :P.
Also play in a marching band that has events all over the UK. That means sometimes have to stay over due to the distance. Usually book a Premmierinn or Travelodge and get an "in call". Had some really nice punts off the site  :thumbsup:. Just one wont book again at a city I visit 2 or 3 times a year, cos a smoker and breath stinks :thumbsdown: ( never smoked in my life ).

AW has been of good use on away trips. Not like the "old days" where WGs put postcards in shop windows and telephone boxes  :)  :D

Offline CoolTiger

Girls in my Hot Lists..... 579. Have probably seen between 50~80 of these.

Not that I'm trying to get into the Guiness Book of Records, but are there any other members here
who have a large number of profiles in their HL?

Years.  No Hotlist.  2 punts off aw, ok, but too local for comfort.

Offline Jimmyredcab

Member for a few years, no hotlist, met a few gems but find it full of Romanian skanks recently.    :thumbsdown:

Offline akauya

Girls in my Hot Lists..... 579. Have probably seen between 50~80 of these.

Not that I'm trying to get into the Guiness Book of Records, but are there any other members here
who have a large number of profiles in their HL?

I used to have large number in my hotlist (upwards of 50) but one day I decided to go on a culling spree since I found that some of the women in my hotlists had suddenly appeared in different parts of the country with images of women that I would never see (even if you paid me). So now I have a few hotlists, good anal providers, good GFEs, confirmed VFM (usually £100 and under), suspect profiles waiting for confirmation and a general undecided list to be culled or moved to a definite hotlist.

Offline willbred

Been a member since about 2009. I have 3 profiles, mainly because I don't necessarily always want ladies to know who else I've seen.

Don't do hot lists, some data too far for me. I look, if I fancy, I make my move, either punt or move on.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (willbred, Diplomat65)

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